Agile and Stage-Gate seem to be in conflict with each other.

Both methodologies are targeted at reducing risk but do so in very different ways. Stage-Gate adds a level of rigor that can seem counter-productive to people working in an Agile process and lead to people doing everything they can to avoid it. And Agile processes can seem to “loose” for those who require the structure of Stage-Gate and this misperception can lead to friction in the other direction.

Often times conflict arises as a result of an incorrect process being pushed onto the wrong part of the organization, sometimes leading to unintended and undesired consequences.

At a recent Inonv8rs Connect Unconference session, Sopheon's Chief Technology Officer Paul Heller explored the two methodologies and how they can both complement and conflict with each other.

We discussed strengths and weaknesses of each and identified where and how they can be used together to achieve a better end result than either alone. Check the session recording below.


As recorded during Innov8rs Connect Unconference, 25 May 2021. For access to 500+ other videos and resources, become a member of Innov8rs Community - apply to join here.