If you’re investing your precious time and energy on joining an event, you want to get something out of it, right? So do we.

Most sessions on the agenda for Innov8rs Tel Aviv are hands-on and practical breakouts, discussing actual best practices and working on real issues- not just playing with theory.

Here’s an overview of what to expect on Feb 21-22 in one of the world’s most exciting innovation hubs.

For all details on speakers and sessions, click here: https://innov8rs.co/tel-aviv/speakers-sessions/

Global innovation experts on stage.

In a rapidly and constantly changing business environment, industries are being disrupted one by one. In response, big organizations are figuring out how to innovate faster, better and continuously. Despite all the talk about innovation, it’s not easy to effectively and successfully implement company-wide innovation programs. There is no one recipe for how to do it- it largely depends on the unique culture and context of your organization.

During this 2-day event, experts and innovation leaders from around the world come together in Tel Aviv to share best practices, experiment with methods and frameworks and learn new skills.

  • Corporate Innovation Out On The Edge – Mark Zawacki (650 Labs)
  • An Innovation Ecosystem – the Why, What and How – Dan Toma (The Corporate Startup)
  • Avoid your Kodak Moment – How to Setup for Continuous Innovation – Sofie Lindblom (Ideation360)
  • The innovator’s Rosetta Stone for the C-Suite – Brant Cooper (Moves the Needle)

Understand how THEY do it.

Often the highest rated part of our events: the real and raw stories of innovators in the trenches, sharing their success, failures and anything in between.

  • My Innovation: Empowering All Cisco Employees to Innovate – Mathilde Durvy (Cisco)
  • Hacking a Change – a Story of Hackathon and Innovation Cultural Change – Gil Benesh (Incubit)
  • From Passion to Investment. How SAP Employees Decided to Hack People Management and Got Funded – Vitaly Vainer (SAP)
  • The Future of AI is Already Here – Michael Zolotov (Razor Labs)
  • Cockpit Innovation – Henry Chen Weinstein (Cockpit Innovation/El al)
  • Disruption in the Payments Industry – The Global Players and Israel Market Dynamics – Oded Salomy
  • Ready… Set…. Sprint! How Amdocs Leads Innovation Faster Than Ever – Shachaf Snir (Amdocs)
  • A Tale of Corporate Open Innovation through a Technology Incubator – Ran Bar-Sella (Incubit)

For all details on speakers and sessions, click here: https://innov8rs.co/tel-aviv/speakers-sessions/

Work your challenges.

More than a conference, this is a deep dive training offering you new insights, skills and mindsets. So bring your challenges, roll up your sleeves and explore solutions during these workshops:

  • Service Design & Digital Transformation – Nissan Graisel (EY)
  • Teams & Talent: Recognizing and Developing Innovators – Janice Francisco (BridgePoint Effect / FourSight)
  • PEAK innovation principles – Ahi Gvirtsman (MicroFocus)
  • How To Scale Innovation Efficiency – Max Ditzel and Alexander Masek (WhatAVenture)
  • Governing Innovation – Dan Toma (The Corporate Startup)
  • Rockets for Corporate Innovation – Lucia Figar (IE Business School)

Explore Tel Aviv’s ecosystem.

Innov8rs Tel Aviv is different from the traditional (boring) conference. You won’t be locked up in a windowless ballroom for a full day listening to long lectures. We can’t talk about innovation in a traditional, comfortable setting, right? We want you to experience corporate innovation in action. And for sure, there’s a lot to explore in Tel Aviv.

Let us take you through the most promising, exciting and innovative spots across the city. Learn how leading brands are co-creating the future with startups right before your eyes, and meet the innovators driving those initiatives.

On the agenda (22 February, for Premium Pass holders only):

  • Deutsche Telekom Capital Partners  //  During this visit, Oleg Brodt (R&D Director Innovation Labs Israel) will speak about the strategy and the methodology of Telekom’s investment management group. They have a portfolio of over 70 companies and manage and advises funds and assets worth over 1 billion dollars, working with startups and integrating them.
  • AlphaC Excellency Program  //  You will meet the unique Acceleration program that is the only Cyber Accelerator with academia-corporate collaboration. Yaniv Berkowitz (Head of excellency programs at TAU Ventures) will present first insights from this unique collaboration with NEC.
  • Amazon Web Services  //  We’ll meet with Noam Kaiser, Amazon Web Services Venture Capital Business Development Manager for Israel, Spain and Portugal, to review Amazon’s approach to innovation, and how Amazon Web Services helps startups launch, scale and succeed.
  • Mellanox  //  We’ll meet with Nimrod Gindi, managing director of Mellanox Capita, to discuss how Mellanox works strategically with the startup ecosystem in Israel (Big Data/Analytics, Cloud, Virtualization, Security & Information management startups).
  • Oracle Startup Cloud Accelerator  //  We’ll get to understand the ins and outs of Oracle Startup Cloud Accelerator— a next-generation acceleration initiative.

For all details on speakers and sessions, click here: https://innov8rs.co/tel-aviv/speakers-sessions/

Who’s coming?

Beyond the high-quality sessions and diversity of speakers, past participants valued most meeting people in jobs like them and facing similar challenges, for countless and endless conversations. Many stay connected long after the conference, always just a phone call away.

We want you to connect, collaborate and co-create with peers. That’s how we design the event. That’s why we limit the number of participants. And past participants loved it.

On the guest list are corporate innovators from companies like Strauss, Ceragon, Philip Morris, Isracard, Siemens, Bank Leumi, IBM, Bank of Israel, EY, IAI, Clal Insurance, Electra and Open Sky.

This is NOT just another conference. It’s a tribe.

Would be great to see you at Innov8rs Tel Aviv. Start a chat conversation via the blue button bottom right if you need any assistance.

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