AMA: Open Innovation and Startup-Corporate Collaboration

Alberto Onetti

Mind the Bridge Podcast

as recorded on 11 May 2021 as part of Innov8rs Connect Unconference

In this session Alberto Onetti and Sander van der Blonk hosted an interactive discussion cover anything open innovation and startup-corporate collaboration.

About the speaker

Forward-looking, dividing his time between Europe and the US, Alberto Onetti works at the intersection between global startups and corporates.

Alberto is Professor of Entrepreneurship and Management at University of Insubria. In 2009 he was appointed as Chairman of the Californian Mind the Bridge, global organization that provides innovation advisory services working at the intersection between Startups and Corporates. Since 2014 Alberto has been selected by European Commission to help drive the Startup Europe Partnership (SEP), the first integrated open innovation platform to support growth and sustainability of European companies.

Alberto is recognized as a worldwide expert in open innovation. Frequently invited keynote and panelist at main Conference and Forums he regularly writes on Sifted (Financial Times), EconomyUp and other top tech blogs.

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