Being Innovative... About Innovation!-IHB23

Jayshree Seth

Corporate Scientist & Chief Science Advocate at 3M and author of The Heart of Science: Engineering Footprints, Fingerprints & Imprints

as recorded on 13 January 2022 as part of Innov8rs Connect on Careers & Personal Development

Innovation is a journey! So, what does one need to pack as they embark on this journey? And that too at this unique moment in time – where there has been a change in the very rate of change. Innovation is certainly the need of the hour. In this session we will unpack what this journey entails, with a peek into my career in corporate innovation, perspective as an innovator in the trenches, and practical tips on the path forward. I hope it helps with footprints along the journey, but also unique fingerprints and imprints to leave along the way.

About the speaker

Jayshree Seth is a Corporate Scientist at 3M and in 2018 she was also was appointed 3M’s first ever Chief Science Advocate. She joined 3M in 1993 after a PhD in Chemical Engineering from Clarkson University and she currently holds 72 patents for a variety of innovations. In 2020, she was awarded Society of Women Engineers (SWE) highest Achievement Award. Jayshree was featured in a 2021 docuseries “Not the Science Type”. She is also the author of The Heart of Science – Engineering Footprints, Fingerprints, & Imprints, and all sales proceeds go to a scholarship for underrepresented minority women in STEM.

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