Corporate Sociology: Setting your Leadership up for Success with Disruptive Innovation-IHB23

Nick Tate

VP Digital Innovation and Head of NEXT, GSK Consumer Healthcare

as recorded on 24 May 2022 as part of Innov8rs London 2022

Corporate innovation initiatives and innovation functions often have the deck stacked against them. Not fit for purpose processes, unrealistic targets, the wrong “value”, lack of persistent strategy or metered funding, too many predetermined answers, set against vanity metrics… The intention vs capability gap is too big a chasm to realise. So, what do we do about it? How might we think differently? What if we said Corporate Innovation isn’t about ideas, or technologies, or agile process….but sociology and psychology. And setting up your leaders to be a success, before you set up your innovation SteerCo or governance board?

About the speaker

Nick’s career spans brand agencies, content and tech start-ups, digital consultancies and corporate roles, all with the same common theme; using curiosity, human centered experience design and creativity to address big problems worth solving. Over the course of the last twenty years these problems have included addressing everything from young male suicide and female body image to repositioning expensive German cars, creating new financial service products and selling bananas. And everything in between. Today, Nick is the VP Digital Innovation and Head of GSK NEXT, GSK Consumer Healthcare’s Disruptive Innovation arm focussed on discovering, launching and incubating new digital health businesses across the changing face of health and wellbeing.. He is a keen writer and contributor to global innovation communities, but most proud of his best innovations…Eliza (9), Artie (6) and Betsy (6 months).

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