5 Ways To Get The C-Suite On Your Side-IHB23

Line Lyst

Chief Entrepreneur at GN

as recorded on 2 June 2022 as part of Innov8rs Unconference

Getting the CEO and the Executive Leadership team behind you is essential to succeed with corporate innovation. Great ideas may be compelling, but to succeed you need to show results fast, turn the process upside-down, and strike the balance in how much you engage the organization, as Line will share in this session, based on her successes and failures driving innovation for most of her career.

About the speaker

Line Lyst is international keynote speaker and currently Chief Entrepreneur at GN. As an executive and front-runner in digital transformation, she enables large enterprises to innovate at speed and scale in order to own the future rather than being disrupted by it. Line is specialized in accelerating corporate innovation. By fusing design thinking and lean start-up methods, she consistently ensures rapid growth and new revenue streams that move the needle. She has a proven track record of converting innovation into new lines of business across a range of industries, including media, consumer goods, healthcare, design, and engineering consultancy.

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