The Politics of Innovation-IHB23

Rob Haines

Partner at Founders Intelligence

as recorded on 22 September 2021 as part of Innov8rs Connect on Strategy, Leadership & Organization

Having the best ideas is only half of the battle, and usually the easier half. The strategy has been poured over, the MVP has been tested and there is clear demand; all momentum should be behind the new venture or revenue line skyrocketing. But in the corporate context, the structures within which innovation is allowed (or not) to flourish will often define its potential to succeed. Founders Intelligence have spent 8 years developing expertise in navigating the most lethal threat to new ideas: politics. Join Rob Haines, partner and co-founder of Founders Intelligence, for a discussion with select innovation executives to discuss the causes of the politics of innovation and tested methods to overcome them

About the speaker

Rob is part of the founding team at Founders Intelligence, he has extentensive experience advising clients such as Facebook, Unilever, Fannie Mae and Sky on growth strategy, digital transformation, venture incubation and start-up investment/partnerships. Prior to Founders Intelligence, Rob founded and successfully exited StadiumLIVE, a venture-backed startup providing high density wi-fi and rich media fan applications to sports stadia. Prior to that he has worked in VC, investing in sports, media and technology companies and as a strategy consultant in the tech and telecommunications space.

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