Dual Innovation: Principles and Organizational Implementation-IHB23

Ralph-Christian Ohr & Eva Mitterreiter

Founder & Managing Partner at Dual Innovation, Co-author of 'Scaling-Up Corporate Startups' I Head of New Business Building and Innovation at Bosch Engineering

as recorded on 19 May 2022 as part of Innov8rs Unconference

In their quest to become future-proof, companies increasingly seek to turn into 'ambidextrous organizations'. Even though ambidexterity has become essential in 21C, still very few companies have actually managed it. This session aims to address the challenging question: What does it take to make ambidexterity work? Ralph is going to introduce 'Dual Innovation', a forward-looking approach how ambidexterity can effectively and sustainably be implemented in organizations. Building upon, Eva is then going to discuss how Dual Innovation principles have been put into practice at Bosch, what has worked out well and which corporate innovation issues Bosch is still facing on its journey towards an ambidextrous organization.

About the speaker

Dr. Ralph Christian Ohr is a corporate innovation expert, looking at modern approaches for future-proof companies. Specialized in Dual Innovation and Scaling-Up, he is passionate about helping companies overcome 'Innovation Theater' by generating impact from innovation activities. Ralph is co-author of the book „Scaling-Up Corporate Startups“, awarded blogger as well as top voice on LinkedIn and Twitter. Prior to his consulting work, he held various positions in Corporate Innovation, Corporate Development and Product Management at Corporates and SMEs across different industries. Dr. Eva Mitterreiter is Head of New Business Building & Innovation, Consulting at Bosch Engineering. She started with Bosch in 2014 with a PhD in Business Model Innovation and joined the newly established Central Business Model Innovation department in 2015 where she laid the foundation for the Bosch Innovation Framework, co-founded the Bosch Accelerator Program and the Bosch Business Model Academy. Since then, she has tested over 150 start-up ideas and is intrapreneur of a Bosch startup herself. At Bosch Engineering she is responsible for Innovation, New Business Building and Business Model consulting.

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