From Problem Through Pilot

Jonathan Dickerson

Head of Global Partnerships at GAN

as recorded on 15 February as part of Innov8rs Connect on Startup Collaboration & Ecosystem Engagement

Finding the startups your Innovation Team is looking for is as simple as finding a needle in a haystack... When the haystack's on a boat in the middle of a hurricane. And your role often comes with little (Read: NO) internal support.

Addressing these challenges isn't easy but using a more collaborative approach to internally promote your innovation efforts often delivers greater results than going it alone, as we learned from Jonathan in this session.

About the speaker

With over 20 years of experience spanning small business consulting, corporate executive + startup sales as well as nonprofit training, Jonathan brings a wealth of knowledge to his speaking role, highlighting first-hand experience from a diverse pool of interpersonal communication strategies. Have some time? Ask him about being an Air Force brat, performing on Broadway, playing professional football or his thesis “Bottle It: Depression in the Law Enforcement Community.” Jonathan and his wife, Stacy, are avid travelers and delight in sharing experiences with their daughter, Aliyah.

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