Panel - Building Capabilities for Innovation Company-Wide-IHB23

Steven Paladino, Prapti Jha & Gilda Leicer Avila

Global Director, Innovation and Continuous Improvement at Baltimore Aircoil Company | Senior Design Strategist at Cisco | Senior Manager Future Skills Development at Liberty Global

as recorded on 17 March 2022 as part of Innov8rs Connect on Culture, Talent & Teams

The days of thinking that innovation equals running around with post-its and sitting on bean bags in fancy offices are over. We start to understand what is needed for our organizations to be innovative, continuously. There's a specific set of capabilities and competencies required. Moreover, leading companies show how to build those new capabilities and competencies at speed, and at scale. In this session, we learned from Gilda, Steven and Prapti about their approach.

About the speaker

Gilda is an experienced agile practitioner, coach & design thinker working in innovation and development. With a focus on people & transformation. She challenges the status quo, looking for opportunities to innovate with the customer at the centre and taking ideas through the creative process. Passionate about building communities of practice to drive a culture of innovation, collaboration and knowledge sharing. Gilda is also a diversity champion. Since 2019 she’s been on the board of WICT UK, a network that empowers women in the industry through a learning programme of workshops, mentoring and coaching. Prapti Jha is a design-led innovator who uses human-centered design process and systems thinking to bridge the gap between user needs and business. She specializes in driving interdisciplinary teams to develop experiences and strategic solutions backed by research. Her nine years of design practice expands over several industries like cybersecurity, automotive, healthcare, architecture, and retail. As a speaker, strategist, and mentor, Prapti has guided thousands of people in why, when, and how to leverage design strategy effectively. She is passionate about innovation and believes that at the heart of it all is the focus on people - our behavior, motivations, and all the little quirks that make us human.

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