Galvanize Your Organization Around Sustainability

Tsvetina Chankova

Innovation Director at Pollen8

as recorded on 13 April 2022 as part of Innov8rs Connect on Climate & SDG's

At Pollen8, we believe sustainability is an innovation challenge. Organizations can leverage tried and tested innovation practices to translate sustainability from strategy to action. In this session, we’ll discuss how a structured approach to innovation management can get organizations aligned and galvanized around the sustainability ambition.

We will also provide insights and examples of how organizations can tackle three concrete challenges on their sustainability journey: fostering employee engagement, including relevant expertize, and investing limited resources.

About the speaker

Tsvetina is an innovation consultant and entrepreneur, helping companies transform and innovate from within. Learning validation and scaling principles from her work with startups, she encourages leaders to treat their internal investments like VCs and give employees the resources they need to act like entrepreneurs. She has worked on large-scale innovation programmes for companies like Vodafone, PwC, and Oracle. She currently focuses on bringing innovation methods and tools to the service of sustainability.

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