Generating Strategic Business Value From Startups - A View From The Trenches

Ahi Gvirtsman

Co-Founder and Chief Knowledge Officer at Spyre Group

as recorded on 16 February as part of Innov8rs Connect on Startup Collaboration & Ecosystem Engagement

The potential value for corporations of working with startups for strategic impact is well known by now. What is less known is just how difficult it is to achieve that in a consistent and effective manner. In this talk, Ahi Gvirtsman, Chief Knowledge Officer at Spyre Group shared key insights based on his work with numerous organizations, creating innovation ecosystems that are driven by startup technology.

About the speaker

Since 2011, Ahi Gvirtsman has accumulated a rich experience in forming, building and running innovation programs for various types of organizations both as the manager of such programs and as a mentor to innovation managers of diverse types of organizations (corporations, municipalities, military). He personally designed, built and managed the innovation program of HP’s software division covering 20,000 employees worldwide. In his book “The PEAK innovation principles”, released in 2017, Ahi offers a common framework based on his experience that can be implemented by any type of organization in any industry as a way of turning itself into being innovation proficient. He is a 25+ year veteran of the software industry with roles ranging from large corporations to small startups and has an MSc in computer science from the Technion and an MBA from Tel-Aviv University. Currently, Ahi is the co-founder of Spyre, a company which guarantees at least a doubling of any organization’s innovation outcomes.

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