How We Collaborate With Startups at P&G Ventures

Lauren Thaman

Senior Director of Communications at P&G Ventures

as recorded on 22 February 2021 as part of Innov8rs Connect on Foresight, Ecosystem Engagement and Startup Collaboration

While corporations struggle to create disruptive technological breakthroughs due to business priorities and processes, they have resources and market reach. Startups are able to innovate with agility but lack the market access and customer networks. So is corporate /startup engagement a match made in heaven? What is the role of corporate venture? How are founders benefiting from corporate incubators?

This is a conversation about best practices between entrepreneurs and corporate partners, and the different lifecycles that these partnerships can have. You will learn tactics to build strong processes for success including: a Fortune 100’s motivation for partnering with a burgeoning startup, how to effectively build lean and experienced innovation teams with c-suite buy-in, translating corporate realities to a startup’s fast-paced culture, and knowing when and how to let a project conclude. This conversation will be in the context of P&G Ventures case studies and referenceable products and outcomes.

About the speaker

Lauren Thaman, Senior Director Communications for P&G Ventures, is responsible for strategic communications, influencer marketing and credentialing across P&G Ventures. P&G Ventures, the startup studio within Procter & Gamble, works with experts, innovators and entrepreneurs to create brands and businesses in product categories where P&G does not provide solutions today. Within this fast-learning, startup-like environment, Lauren and her team are building and experimenting with better ways to use communications in both direct-to-consumer and traditional bricks and mortar businesses.

Lauren created the scientific communications organization for P&G over a decade ago and continues to be passionate about using communications to drive connections and deliver business results. Lauren was named in the Holmes Report Innovator 25 Americas 2019 and is member of P&G’s Brand Mastery Society that recognizes the less than 1% of the top brand builders within P&G.

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