Innovation, Collaboration and the Future with LG

Will Barkis

Head of Ecosystems and Grand Challenges & Director at LG NOVA

as recorded on 17 February 2022 as part of Innov8rs Connect on Startup Collaboration & Ecosystem Engagement

LG Electronics is known as a world-leading brand in products and solutions for the home, car and business. The company is looking towards the future for opportunities, challenges, and new areas of potential growth. LG has created a new center of innovation in North America, LG NOVA, to tackle these challenges head-on. This team is focused on bringing transformative change to the company by collaborating with startups to innovate. During this session, Will Barkis, Head of Ecosystems and Grand Challenges for LG NOVA, shared the unique approach the company is taking to build its future with outside-in innovation.

About the speaker

William Barkis, PhD, is Head of Grand Challenges and Ecosystem Development at LG NOVA, where he is focused on working directly with startups to drive the creation of transformative new businesses for LG. Formerly, he led corporate strategy and innovation programs at Orange, directed two open innovation programs at Mozilla and served at the National Science Foundation where he collaborated with the White House on advanced computer science topics. Will holds a PhD in Neurosciences from UCSD and a BS with Honors in interdisciplinary computer science (Symbolic Systems) from Stanford.

LG NOVA, the North American Innovation Center for global innovation leader LG Electronics is a team focused on bringing innovation from the outside to LG. LG NOVA is based in Santa Clara, Calif. The center's mission is to build, nurture and grow innovations that impact the future. Learn more about LG NOVA at

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