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We know- you are extremely busy. It does however pay off to take a step back to reflect and refocus, to be better positioned to get results.

So we suggest you choose at least 5-7 sessions to join live and block your calendar so you don't miss the relevant sessions for you.

Here’s how to get the most out of the Innov8rs Connect Event.

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👍 Thanks to our Expert Partners

Thanks to our Expert Partners for sharing their approaches, experience and tools with us. For any follow questions, feel free to reach out to them directly.

Nosco is a software and consulting company. We help companies become more innovative through open and collaborative models of innovation.


We're a strategic design firm, focused on sustainable growth. We design, we write code, and we love the business side of it all. We are hired to work on new problems together, instead of telling people what they want to hear.


HYPE Innovation provides software and consulting for the innovation ecosystem. With HYPE, organizations can engage employees, customers, and partners in strategy building, idea & partner management, and innovation project management.


Startupbootcamp is a global family of industry-focused accelerators. We empower Startup & Scaleup founders to rapidly grow their companies by providing direct access to an international network of the most relevant mentors, partners, and investors in their industry.


🎁 Your virtual goodie bag

Meet Sebastian Cadell, COO & Partner at Nosco, one of the driving forces behind the Nosco Platform’s strategic development.

This is how Sebastian summarized the principles of the Nosco platform in an almost poetic way:
“Silos mean that the eyes and ears are no longer connected to the decision making power and the brains. Therefore, our platform’s core principle is to help remove silos. It’s about flattening the hierarchies, reducing the distance between idea and decision making and improving the ability to execute on that idea.”

Ready for more insights about how idea and innovation platforms could benefit your organization?

Reach out directly to Sebastian Cadell or read the full story on here.
Curious to learn more? Claim your free platform demo today.

Find the slide deck with the presentation materials on "Greening Your Digital Footprint", Lost In Transformation Podcast and other resources around Sustainable, Digital Transformation & MING Labs here.

A sustainable company seeks merely to reduce its ecological footprint; a regenerative company boldly seeks to increase its socio-ecological handprint—as Harvard professor Greg Norris puts it—by restoring the health of individuals, communities, and the planet.

In doing so, regenerative businesses can achieve greater financial performance and impact than their sustainability-focused peers.

Curious to know more? Download this recent whitepaper by Magnus Penker and colleagues at Innovation360 “Zero Is Not Enough".

Innovation in general is not easy, but succeeding at sustainability-oriented innovation requires even stronger innovation capabilities in several areas.

Sustainnovation360 is a unique new innovation-assessment tool by Innovation 360 Group AB that drills down to the specific innovation capabilities needed to yield sustainability benefits. It tests for what benefits have already been realized, which barriers still stand in the way, and where a company is on its overall journey to become a true agent of change in the area of sustainability innovation.

More info and start your Sustainnovation360 assessment here

Corporate innovation programs can help sustainability initiatives to solve three key challenges: Business Transformation, Scale and Complexity.

Want to know how to align your innovation program and sustainability initiatives to benefit stakeholders across the organization and contribute to your organizational goals?

Click here to download HYPE Innovation Sustainability Playbook

In Startupbootcamp's Goodie Bag you'll find a special NFT, info about their online acceleration platform, a whitepaper about "The State of Early Stage", the option to scout for and meet with Fintech and Cybersecurity startup s, and finally a chance to invest in 90 most promising startups in three domains.

👋 Say hi to your moderators

Samantha Yarwood

Chief Innovation and Inspiration officer at INRV8

My purpose in life is to inspire creativity to reimagine the possible and create a culture of goodness.

Hannah Keartland

Consultant at Keartland & Co

Hannah helps successful CEOs know what steps to take to build a business that is environmentally and socially responsible, drawing on director-level experience in both innovation and finance & operations, as well as over 15 years of working in charities and for-purpose businesses.

Rocky Ozaki

Founder & CEO at NoW of Work Inc.

Rocky is the Founder of the NoW of Work; a business transformation firm that helps build naturally innovative and agile teams that are capable of thriving in our exponential times. The Future is NoW...are you ready?

Alex Pesjak

Transformation and Innovation Guide

Alex has 20+ years of international brand leadership and innovation management experience in strategic and operational roles in global FMCG companies (Coca-Cola, Kraft) and 10+ experience as an independent consultant.

Olivia Law

Commercial Director at Pollen8

Olivia is the Commercial Director at Pollen8. She has a natural curiosity for people and problem solving which enables her to discover what is best for each client. She has a wealth of experience in business strategy, culture change and innovation, supporting blue-chip organisations around the world including IKEA, Google and Vodafone.

Bettina von Stamm

Founder at Innovation Leadership Forum I Innovation Philosopher - Story Teller - Catalyst

Bettina has been a visionary thinker and doer in the field of innovation for close to 30 years. Whether moderating workshops or conferences, running leadership seminars, speaking at conferences, whether coaching, mentoring or teaching MBAs and executives, Bettina brings her contagious positive energy to bear to inspire, and open minds.

Adela Villanueva


Trilingual professional with 15+ years of experience transforming, accelerating, growing and scaling F500 organizations, startups, people and businesses around the Globe

Nadia Sandi

Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Strategist

Senior leader in the social innovation space with 20 years of cross-sectoral experience.

Lysander Weiss

Partner at Venture Idea

As partner at the award-winning management consultancy Venture Idea, doctoral candidate at the leading German business school HHL, bestselling author, lecturer and keynote speaker, Lysander Weiss offers forward-thinking research and advisory for strategic renewal in established companies.

Nadja Berseck

Lead Business Design at zero360

Dr. Nadja brings years of experience in the fields of innovation, urban development and sustainability. She is sustainability lead at zero360 and applies innovation and design methods to in order to generate long-term social and environmental benefits while creating economic profits for organizations. Previously, she led the foresight team in the group strategy department of Deutsche Bahn and worked as a research manager at izt. She received her PhD in economic urban development from the Technische Universität Berlin in 2017.