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Tuesday 16 March

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16 March, 17:00 SGT/10:00 CET

The Disruptive Leadership Report - The New Playbook for Leaders of The 4th Industrial Revolution

Ian Forshew & Odharnait Ansbro
Founding Partner / Partner at T-Minus

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Why do some companies innovate and thrive while others collapse in the face of disruptive change? Spoiler alert, it’s not about size, systems or processes. It’s about leadership. However, only 19% think they have the capabilities needed.

To find the answers, over the past year T-minus have captured the views of leaders across the globe, interviewing senior leaders from companies like Google, Netflix, Shell, DHL and Microsoft along with scrappy startups like Graphcore and Mews and combing the findings with insights from work with 1000s of leaders – the result is The Disruptive Leadership Report.

In this session Ian and Odharnait, who led the report research, will take you through the four big shifts and twenty rules that the report uncovers.

For those that attend, you’ll come away from the session with an insight of how to create culture where leaders and teams have the mindset and skills set to be the disruptors; connecting with themselves, their customers, and the world around them, setting purposeful ambition, fostering an environment of co-creation, whilst executing and innovating at at the same time.

Ian Forshew has 18-years experience as an entrepreneur, business operator and as founder CEO / COO / board member. Interim C-level and Growth Advisor roles for VC funded businesses. Founded and successfully exited two companies.

Odharnait helps leaders develop the mindset and skill set they need to lead radical innovation and transformation. She’s worked with Google and MIT Sloan School of Management to develop innovative leadership programmes and supported USAID and the Lebanese government in their Syrian crisis response.

Enlightening Exchange

16 March, 18:00 SGT/11:00 CET

Do Strategy, Leadership and Culture Need to Eat Breakfast Together?

Cris Beswick & John Metselaar
Author of Building a Culture of Innovation and Co-Founder at Outcome | Founder at J-Met CONNECT

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Peter Drucker once said - culture eats strategy for breakfast. That may have been true for more stable and lineair times, but it seems that in today's context, the only viable option for companies to survive let alone thrive, is a systems approach - bringing Strategy, Leadership and Culture together at one table, to have breakfast together.

Join this conversation with Cris Beswick
and John Metselaar
to discuss how we can move beyond innovation theatre and finally address the elephant in the room, culture, for good.

Innovators Insights

16 March, 19:00 SGT/12:00 CET/7am ET

People First

David Hengartner and Claudia Rüegg
CEO and Co-Founder at GetKickBox | HR Business Partner at Swisscom

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The foundation of innovation is people. They’re your most important and valuable asset. David Hengartner will explain you in depth why we make people the center of attention and of innovation. Claudia Rüegg will add upon it to reflect on the GETKICKBOX program from a HR perspective as an effective way to educate employees.

Innovators Insights

16 March, 20:00 SGT/13:00 CET/8am ET

Swiss Post’s Innovation Culture - Snapshot of a Journey

Roland Keller
Head of Innovation Culture at Swiss Post

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According to the Universal Postal Union Swiss Post is “World’s best postal service” and is one of the most innovative companies in Switzerland. However, it finds itself in a challenging environment. So it has opted for major change. This session gives insight into this transformation process and its impact on innovation culture.

Roland Keller is a member of the corporate development team and head of innovation culture at Swiss Post. Before he joined Swiss Post in 2007, he worked as an innovation manager for Siemens in Munich, Germany. He has a long track record in intrapreneurship, innovation strategy and digital transformation. Roland Keller helds an EMBA in Creative Leadership from Steinbeis University and a Digital Excellence Diploma from IMD.

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16 March, 21:00 SGT/14:00 CET/9am ET

The Power and Pitfalls of Self-Appointed Idea Teams

Jesper Müller-Krogstrup
CEO at Nosco

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Jesper Müller-Krogstrup, Founder & CEO of Nosco will take a deep dive into the inner workings of an innovation challenge and guide you through a proven concept of high performing self-appointed idea teams.

From this session, you can expect to gain new insights on:

- The benefits from self-appointed idea teams
- The pitfalls when working from self-appointed idea teams
- How self-appointed idea teams will affect your incubation process
- How the concept can influence your corporate culture to become more experimental and innovative

Jesper is Founder and CEO of Nosco. He has over 10 years of experience working with large organisations on innovation to build the infrastructure for innovation to connect, ideate and incubate. Jesper also has first-hand experience in innovation and entrepreneurship from co-founding and establishing Nosco.

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16 March, 22:00 SGT/15:00 CET/10am ET

Innovation at Scale: How the UK's Ministry of Defence is Building a Global Innovation Capability and an Innovative by Instinct Mindset

Simon Hill & Stuart Laws
CEO at Wazoku | Defence Innovation at UK Ministry of Defence

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Simon will share how you can unleash unlimited innovation capacity by becoming a Challenge Driven Enterprise. He will introduce the 4Ps that underpin Innovation at Scale (and 1 that doesn’t), and share examples of how this approach has enabled global organizations to reduce time from idea to value, pull risk forward and push cost back.

Stuart will talk about his role at the MOD, the role of innovation for Defence, their goal to be ‘Innovative by Instinct’, the complexity of building a culture of innovation fostering internal innovation and external co-creation, including some practical advice and lessons-learned throughout.

- Simon Hill is the co-founder of Wazoku and the author of the top selling book One Smart Crowd - How Crowdsourcing is Changing the World One Idea at a Time
- Stuart Laws, Defence Innovation, UK Ministry of Defence - Stuart is accountable for the delivery of an idea management strategy for Defence, responsible for the identification and delivery of the Defence Innovation Priorities, for the identification and support of Open Call Innovation Focus Areas and Themed Challenges delivered in collaboration with the Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA).

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16 March, 23:00 SGT/16:00 CET/11am ET

Hyper-Learning: Innovating at the Speed of Change

Edward D. Hess
Author of Hyper-Learning: How to Adapt to the Speed of Change

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Continuous Innovation will be a strategic necessity in most industries in the Digital Age.

Innovative thinking will be one of the two key ways that human beings can add value in ways that Smart Technology can’t – at least for the foreseeable future.

Innovating at the speed of change requires cognitive, emotional and behavioral excellence.

In this session, we will explore our innate obstacles to achieving Innovation Excellence and how to mitigate those obstacles.

Professor Ed Hess spent more than 20 years in the business world as a senior executive at Warburg Paribas Becker, Boettcher & Company, the Robert M. Bass Group and Arthur Andersen.

In 2007, he joined the faculty of the Darden Graduate School of Business as Professor of Business Administration and the first Batten Executive-in- Residence. He teaches in the MBA & EMBA Programs; has taught in over 21 Executive Education programs at Darden, IESE (Barcelona), the Indian School of Business, Georgia Tech and AVT Denmark and consults with businesses and governmental agencies.
He is the author of 13 books and over 160 practitioner articles and over 60 Darden cases, etc. dealing with innovation and learning cultures, systems and processes.

Hess's work has appeared in Fortune magazine, European Business Review, HBR, SHRM, Fast Company, WIRED, Forbes, INC., Huffington Post, Washington Post, Business Week, the Financial Times, in more than 400 other global media publications as well as on CNBC Squawk Box, Fox Business News with Maria Bartiroma, Big Think, WSJ Radio, Bloomberg Radio with Kathleen Hayes, Dow Jones Radio, MSNBC Radio,
Business Insider, and Wharton Radio.

His current research focuses on Hyper-Learning mindsets, behaviors and practices integrating neuroscience, cognitive and social psychology, and elite performance research with the learnings of the great Eastern and Western philosophies. His new book Hyper-Learning: How to Adapt to the Speed of Change (Berrett-Koehler, 2020) focuses on how human beings can excel in the Digital Age cognitively, emotionally and behaviorally to add value in ways that differentiate us from the smart technology.

Innovators Insights

16 March, 17:00 CET/11am ET/8am PT

Crafting Agile Learning Organizations for the 21st Century

Otti Vogt
Chief Operations Officer and Chief Transformation Officer, Challenger & Growth Markets at ING Group

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How can we create organizations where work is truly meaningful and where we enjoy our daily jobs, generate appropriate returns and contribute to a sustainable future for our organisation and society at large? How can we achieve both performance and purpose in times of ever greater complexity and faster change? And what is the role of leadership?

Join this session to hear Otti's lessons learned at the forefront of one of the most agile organizations in global banking.

Otti Vogt is a disruptive thought leader with over 20 years of experience in implementing strategic business change in multi-cultural, complex businesses and in crafting human-centric learning organizations. He is passionate about personal and organizational transformation.

As Chief Operating Officer of ING’s Challenger and Growth division, he is accountable for ING’s global digital transformation programme and continuous optimisation of operational service performance for more than 20m customers worldwide. Previously, Otti was a Senior Executive in BT’s Global Services division and earlier gained a wide range of experiences in Consulting, Industry, non-profit and start-ups.

Otti is associate of the Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative (GRLI), international speaker on business transformation and was recently named Top 20 Global Thought Leader on Agile by Thinkers360.

Innovators Insights

16 March, 18:00 CET/1pm ET/10am PT

Jumping Over the Compliance Barrier. Driving Innovation in High-Risk Industries.

Erwin De Beuckelaer & Claire Kingston
Director Innovative Capabilities at Johnson and Johnson | Director, Platform Innovation & Design Head at Johnson & Johnson

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When large multinationals desire to innovate, compliance, legal or procurement departments are perceived as roadblocks for innovation. But is that really true?

In this session, Claire and Erwin will present the innovation program of the Quality & Compliance department in one of the largest healthcare companies in the world.

Illustrated by multiple case studies, they will show how you can work with these so-called friction departments, find out if they truly kill innovation, or that they may be stronger innovators than you are.

Erwin De beuckelaer works at Janssen Pharmaceuticals (J&J) as Director Innovative Capabilities. He brings innovation to the space of Quality & Compliance. Erwin’s mission is to make complicated things as simple as possible, while thoroughly understanding the complexities of today’s business challenges. He is an advocate for human-centered design and design thinking. His background is in communication and user experience design.

Claire Kingston is responsible for delivering creative solutions that drive a culture of innovation within Johnson & Johnson. She works with leadership across the Quality and Compliance organization and beyond to drive operational efficiencies through simplification and enhancing technology utilization.

Claire brings over 20 years of experience in strategic planning, business process improvement and technology implementations. She has implemented solutions that reduce costs and improve efficiency for a wide range of organizations in the Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Professional Services and Retail industries. Prior to joining Johnson and Johnson, Claire was president of E C Kingston Consulting, and she started her career with Arthur Andersen Business Consulting.

Innovators Insights

16 March, 19:00 CET/2pm ET/11am PT

Innovation and Its Opposite: Why Ignoring Psychology Leads to Underperforming Teams

Benjamin Atkinson
Innovation Strategy & Systems Leader at Toyota

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W. Edwards Deming once outlined a System of Profound Knowledge (SoPK). Had Deming lived another 25 years, SoPK may have been broadly-recognized as the foundation for problem-solving (innovation) systems. SoPK consists of 4 broad, interrelated areas: 1) appreciation for a system, 2) knowledge of variation, 3) theory of knowledge, 4) psychology. The last area; psychology, is often misunderstood by leaders and results in fear, frustration and underperforming teams.

If we take time to understand innovation and its opposite, we can leverage the diversity of an organization to overcome any problem we face. This presentation will introduce a theory and highly-validated cognitive assessment that can help you build and manage teams more effectively. Whether your team is pursuing continuous (incremental) or discontinuous (breakthrough) improvement, the team's potential won't be tapped if you don't understand the psychology of the team. Understanding your team members' problem-solving style, will enable you to put your "aces in the right places" and solve bigger problems.

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16 March, 20:00 CET/3pm ET/12pm PT

Building and Leading a Team of Serial Innovators

John Saunders
Founder at Forward Advisory Solutions, Author and Coach

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What is stopping you and your team from taking risks in your business?

We should celebrate and learn from failures instead of condemning them. Innovation, albeit frightening, is necessary in today’s business world. Developing a team of serial optimizers who seek constant incremental improvement can be just the strategy to drive growth and ingenuity within your team. This session will highlight the importance of managing the emotional hurdles that come when facing change and provide a practical steps to overcome them.

You will learn:
How innovation has evolved over time and its inextricable link with effective leadership.
How to develop trust in order to build and lead a team of serial optimizers, ultimately engaging everyone in your mission to grow and deliver your purpose.
How to enable, empower and sustain THE OPTIMIZER mindset.

Following the roadmap, you will develop a team of serial optimizers, empower every member to be a contributor to growth in your organization, and lift the talent curve.

Enlightening Exchange

16 March, 21:00 CET/4pm ET/1pm PT

Marrying Jugaad, Design, and Process - Future of agile Innovation

Siva Muthukrishnan
Associate Vice President of Advanced Research at L'Oréal

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He will propose a hybrid approach by borrowing principles of Jugaad Thinking, Design Thinking, and Process Thinking. One way to marry these principles is Open Innovation and Development, so he will share his thoughts on What Open Innovation should be in order to give the best ROI for the company.

He will emphasize the importance of Culture, Talents, and Diversity of Thinking as an essential for successful innovation. Join us for an open and honest conversation about a way forward for us as innovation leaders.

Siva is originally from India, has a Masters and Ph.D. in Chemistry, and has over 20 years of experience in Research Innovation and Development. Has played instrumental roles in the development as well as commercialization of products in technologies in Consumer Packaged Goods such as Beauty, Laundry, home care, and OTC healthcare in USA & AIMEA markets. He has lived and worked in these geographies and has the knack of transforming deep consumer habits and need-gaps into technical problems and come up with agile yet elegant solutions.

He currently leads the Domains for Hair Color & Repair and Actives and Materials USA in L'Oreal Research & Innovation at Clark New Jersey. He has previously worked in Procter & Gamble in the US, Singapore, India as well as Godrej Consumer Products in India in various capacities. His passion includes Green Economy, Jugaad (frugal) & Process Innovation, and Culture.

Wednesday 17 March

Enlightening Exchange

17 March, 16:30 SGT/9:30 CET

What Co-Creation Means for IKEA and How We Are Leveraging its Value to Create a Co-Create Movement at Home

Cindy Soo
Global Innovation Lead / Innovation & Co-Creation Matrix Manager at IKEA

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During this fireside chat with Cindy Soo, Global Innovation Lead & Co-Creation Matrix Manager at IKEA, we will explore:
1. What is Co-Create?
2. Why Co-Create? What value does it have?
3. The Journey in creating the movement
4. Lessons thus far
5. Paradigm needs and opportunities

An Innovation leader with over 20 years professional experience working with boutique brands and Fortune 500 companies, Cindy leads multi-disciplinary teams to deliver world-class strategies to foster innovation. Her passion for Humanity-Centred Systems Thinking has fuelled her drive to lead companies in creating sound strategies in enabling for engaging, meaningful, and innovative experiences.

She has extensive knowledge in the Connected Living arena, most notably in Connected Spaces (the Home, Retail, Automotive, City etc) and Wearables. Presently, her focus is on empowering others to define their Innovation Agenda in New Business, Innovation Competence, and Transformation and Development.

Cindy is currently consulting in Strategy and Business Development. She is an international speaker, leads workshops and seminars in Innovation, and Experience Design, and is a guest lecturer at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. She guides C-suite when preparing for growth and transformation. Cindy has been called a "Fusionist" - bridging the gap between Design, Engineering, Human Behaviour, Science & Technology, the Person, the Business, and the needs of our Planet.

Innovators Insights

17 March, 17:00 SGT/10:00 CET

Solving the Puzzle of Corporate Innovation

Akshay Chillal
Innovation Expert at Amdocs

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Corporate Innovation is now essential for growth & success. But, there are loads of challenges and pitfalls when trying to explore new opportunities inside of an existing organization. It’s like a complex puzzle, not easy to solve at times.

One of the major challenges for corporate innovation leaders is fostering an internal culture of experimentation and innovation. We all see many innovation programs closing their doors after a few attempts, with a few senior leaders in the organization recognizing any real value from their efforts. But these short-lived programs aren’t all there for innovation, and they shouldn’t scare you off as a corporate innovator.

In true experimental fashion, there are also a lot of learnings in the corporate innovation space. It’s a long journey of new discoveries. It’s about practicing Innovator’s DNA skills by Observing, Questioning, Experimenting, Associating & Networking.

In this session, Akshay will talk about the ways how you could navigate the complicated maze and solve this complex puzzle of corporate innovation. During this session you will learn:

  • Why corporate innovation matters
  • What are the unique challenges & how to overcome them
  • How to build high quality innovation programs

With over 8 years of experience, Akshay is responsible for building a culture of Innovation & executing Innovation Programs at Amdocs India.

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17 March, 18:00 SGT/11:00 CET

Collective Dynamics: Empower to Accelerate and Perform

Lorraine Margherita
Change Catalyst at Co-Dynamics

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There are more than 20 different adjectives to describe organizations where decision-making is shared at every level, departing from your usual pyramid structure. Where does their inspiration come from? What does "shared governance" mean? What does it take to bring the decision process to lower levels? How does it help innovation? And any other question you're willing to ask about empowerment for real!

During the session, we will explore concrete examples of companies in different countries and various industries. We will see what they have in common and the impact of their approach on their results.

Lorraine ("Loren") Margherita is a consultant in collective dynamics: her role is to remove the barrier between decisions and actions, using collaborative methods. Her clients are large corporations with an international presence in a variety of industries: engineering, pharmaceutics, aeronautics, automotive, luxury and banking mostly.

Innovators Insights

17 March, 19:00 SGT/12:00 CET

Transforming DBS into a 28,000-person Start-up Through Culture by Design

Paul Cobban
Chief Data & Transformation Officer at DBS Bank Ltd | Transformation Group

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Join Paul Cobban as he shares three secret leadership mantras that has helped DBS to transform into more than 28,000-person start-up.

Since 2009, DBS has been reimagining banking through digitalisation and a fundamental shift in organisational culture and mindset. With data and design-thinking at the forefront, Paul set out to transform DBS to a digital platform company around a culture-based vision that is reflected in the way we work and solutions we create, an achievement recognised by Harvard Business Review (2019 Top 10 Business Transformations of the decade).

Paul Cobban, Chief Data and Transformation Officer at DBS, has helmed the cultural, digital, and data transformation that secured for DBS the distinction of being recognised as the World's Best Bank for the third year in a row – “Best Bank in the World” by Global Finance (2018, 2020), “Global Bank of the Year” by The Banker (2018) and “World’s Best Digital Bank” by Euromoney (2019).

Based in Singapore, Paul and his team are responsible for enabling the bank’s strategic agenda to build a strong digital foundation by driving ambitious innovation, data-driven decision making and an Agile start-up culture, anchored in excellence in customer and employee experiences.

Considered one of the leading cultural transformation practitioners in the world, Paul is regularly sought after for global speaking engagements to share his experiences. He has co-authored a book on the culture of innovation (“Eat, Sleep, Innovate”) and was a finalist for the inaugural Clayton M. Christensen award for the best article in innovation published in Harvard Business Review. Paul currently chairs the Institute of

Banking and Finance (IBF) Future-Enabled Skills Work Group, is on the board of EFMA, and is an IBF Fellow. He also sits on the FinTech Advisory council for the Institute of International Finance (IIF). For the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA), Paul is also Co-Chair of the TechSkills Accelerator (TeSA), IMDA’s SkillsFuture initiative.

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17 March, 20:00 SGT/13:00 CET/8am ET

Mental Flexibility and Adaptable Thinking for Innovation Success

Ross Thornley & Jason Slater
Co-Founder of AQai

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For an organization to find success, it must be able to adapt to changing circumstances and innovate to stay ahead of the curve. And to be able to innovate, a workforce with high levels of mental flexibility and adaptability is needed. People that can see something that doesn’t exist yet, and understand the future that they are trying to build.

But what do mental flexibility and adaptability look like? And how do you know if your company may be struggling with both?

Join Ross Thornley, Co-Founder of AQai, and Jason Slater from Unido in a webinar about developing a flexible mindset, increment skill-building, and improve your team’s adaptability to increase their ability to find creative solutions to problems and shift their thinking to new ways of problem-solving while being comfortable with change and uncertainty.

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17 March, 21:00 SGT/14:00 CET/9am ET

Embedding Innovation Across Your Organization

Tad Haas
EVP at Edison365

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Truly successful companies embed innovation across the organization, how can you be at the forefront of that?

Innovation is about people and changing the mindset. Embedding innovation into your day-to-day operations doesn’t happen by accident, there are many factors that help drive a culture of innovation.

Drawing on experiences with customers in construction and engineering, healthcare and non-profit, Tad will discuss:

- How to get executives committed to innovation.
- The value of feedback from every employee.
- Empowering bottom-up innovation.
- How to use gamification to engage and motivate your employees.
- How technology has supported edison365’s customers to embed innovation into their culture.

As a passionate innovation and technology evangelist, Tad is the Executive Vice President at edison365, working with some of the most innovative companies in the world, every day. With years of experience in change management and business building, Tad has plenty of transformation stories to share in manufacturing, engineering, financial services plus health and life sciences. A long tenure at Microsoft, at the front-end of innovation and project management software delivery, helped him see what it means to transform and deliver at scale.

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17 March, 22:00 SGT/15:00 CET/10am ET/7am PT

Empowering Future Change Makers Through Education

Alan Cabello
Co-founder and CEO at Sparkademy

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Some people are naturally more open to embracing change and finding opportunities, which makes them potential transformation catalysts in a company. The challenge lies in identifying these catalysts, empowering them with the right tools, skills and mindset, and connecting them to each other to drive lasting change in an organization. But it doesn’t have to be difficult.

In this session you will learn through real-life examples how you can tackle these challenges with education to facilitate company-wide transformation.

You will gain new insights on topics such as:
- The value of identifying the right people for the right training
- The main elements contributing to one’s innovation abilities and how those can be empowered through education

Alan Cabello holds a PhD from the Swiss Institute of Technology on Strategic Innovation, having been a Visiting Researcher at Stanford’s He also holds a M.Sc. in Management and a Dip.Eng. in Mechatronics. His latest previous professional experience includes positions as General Manager at Adjoint, a blockchain fin tech, and as Innovation Manager for Allianz corporate insurance. Currently Alan is the CEO of Sparkademy, a partner and co-founder of Spark Works, is an associate and lecturer at ETH Zürich, a business angel and sits on the board of a different start-ups.

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17 March, 16:00 CET/11am ET/8am PT

Build Dynamic Capacity – To Thrive in the 4th Industrial Revolution

Steve Wyatt
Managing Partner at Corporate Rebirth

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The Dynamic Capacity of an organization is its ability to sense how the market-spaces are evolving as the unknown future unfolds, to make and act on timely decisions about to compete in that future whilst also being flexible to adapt quickly to the reality that arrives.

Over a 5 year period (Dec 2014-Dec 2019), on average, the share-price of firms with higher than average Dynamic Capacity out-performed their own sector peers by more than 30% whilst those with lower than average Dynamic Capacity under-performed their peers by 15%. The measure of Dynamic Capacity is a leading indicator of firm performance, important for business leaders and investors to understand and manage.

The Dynamic Capacity of an organization is the product of the strength of 3 sets of capabilities; (a) to Sense & Make Sense, (b) to Seize & Replicate, (c) to Reposition & Reconfigure.

Working with over 80 organisations globally Steve Wyatt has developed practical insights on the management practices and leadership traits that can be adopted and developed to increase Dynamic Capacity. His work has been endorsed by business leaders and leading academics.

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17 March, 17:00 CET/12pm ET/9am PT

Teamwork Innovation

Stefano Mastrogiacomo
Founder at and Author of High-Impact Tools for Teams: 5 Tools to Align Team Members, Build Trust, and Get Results Fast

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Remote teamwork is here to stay. However, the multiplication of communication channels and collaboration platforms won't bring much to the team if they aren’t used effectively and if the team itself is not taken care of.

Stefano Mastrogiacomo, lead author of High-Impact Tools for Teams (Wiley, Strategyzer Series, 2021) will present his lessons learned coaching remote teams during the pandemic.
- How to boost teamwork efficiency when working remotely.
- How to maintain a high-level of alignment between team members with the Team Alignment Map.
- How to nurture a positive working atmosphere and increase psychological safety with the Team Contract.

The presentation will end with a live demonstration and collective exercise on the Miro platform.

"High-Impact Tools for Teams" is #1 New Release in Business Project Management on Amazon since its launch in February and for the 3rd consecutive week.

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17 March, 18:00 CET/1pm ET/10pm PT

Maximizing the Impact of Innovation Groups

Sean Ammirati
Co-Founder and Director of the Carnegie Mellon Corporate Startup Lab (CSL), and Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship at Carnegie Mellon University's Tepper School of Business

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Sean and his team at Carnegie Mellon’s Corporate Startup Lab increasingly believe companies are systematically but inadvertently under leveraging their innovation groups. In this presentation, he will explore best practices around how to set up and manage teams responsible for transformative innovation.

Beyond discussing the overall strategy, he will also talk about practical tools you can bring back to your enterprise immediately to apply these best practices within your organization and drive alignment and improve the ROI of these investments.

Sean Ammirati is a Distinguished Service Professor of Entrepreneurship at Carnegie Mellon University’s Tepper School of Business. In addition to teaching, he is also the Co-Founder and Director of the Carnegie Mellon Corporate Startup Lab (CSL). The CSL is a Swartz Center initiative that has conducted research and developed tools to help companies better adapt and integrate entrepreneurial best practices into their own innovation processes.

In addition to his work at CMU, Sean is also a venture capitalist, entrepreneur and author. His first book The Science of Growth, was released by St Martin's Press in April 2016 and was subsequently translated and published in Korean and Mandarin. Finally, Sean is also the host of one of the most popular podcasts on corporate innovation - Agile Giants which you can find on your favorite podcasting platform.

Innovators Insights

17 March, 19:00 CET/2pm ET/11am PT

Connecting The Dots – Creating an Innovation Network at The Core of an Innovation Ecosystem Inside a Global Life-Science Company

Henning Trill
VP Innovation Strategy at Bayer

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For the internal innovation ecosystem of Bayer our innovation Community, the “Innovation Network” plays a crucial role. The members connect all employees, who would love to engage with innovation with the offerings and opportunities Bayer offers.

We share the story how we created the Networks and got its members engaged as well as the other core elements of the ecosystem that enable us to drive innovation on an incremental, breakthrough and transformational level.

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17 March, 20:00 CET/3pm ET/12pm PT

Innovation Talent Predicts Business Results. Are You Using Yours?

Suzan Briganti
Founder, CEO & Head of Product at Swarm Vision

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Did you know that innovation talent strongly predicts business outcomes? Yes, it's true.
But few organizations know how to identify the innovation talent in their workforce, how to design strong teams with this data, or how to manage this talent at an organizational level to boost their growth.

This session will dive into the research behind Swarm Vision, the innovation system from Silicon Valley that drives rapid growth from innovation, with the workforce you already have. Learn about the world's largest study of serial, successful innovators, the four phases, the 8 innovation skill clusters and 26 sub-clusters.

Suzan grew up in Silicon Valley since before it was called that. During her early career, Suzan played a key role in many industry firsts: from the first internet-enabled consumer electronics, to the first female sexual desire drug; and ten successful new consumer packaged goods products.

Suzan has founded three successful start-ups: an eponymous fashion accessories brand; an innovation consultancy called Totem; and now Swarm Vision, the innovation system that drives rapid innovation results in large enterprises, with the workforce you already have. Swarm is used by Fortune 1000 companies and government agencies to transform themselves for the innovation age.

Enlightening Exchange

17 March, 21:00 CET/4pm ET/1pm PT

Running Virtual Design Sprints

Robert Skrobe
Organizer of Global Virtual Design Sprint and Owner at Dallas Design Sprints

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In this fireside chat with Robert Skrobe, owner, operator and principal consultant of Dallas Design Sprints, we will be discussing the current state of virtual design sprints, where the methodology is going any why you should be considering other processes to improve both your efficiency and execution with the original recipe.

Robert Skrobe is the owner, operator and principal consultant of Dallas Design Sprints, an innovation and consulting company for startups. He also hosts the Global Virtual Design Sprint, an international event bringing professionals and practitioners together for open innovation challenges and small group networking. Robert resides in Irving, Texas.

Thursday 18 March

Trending Topic Talk

18 March, 18:00 SGT/11:00 CET

Radical Transparency as a Culture for All-Remote Teams

Laurel Lau
CEO at Six Atlas

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Remote management is more than implementing a work-from-home policy. Seen as a beacon of example, GitLab is one of the world’s largest all-remote organizations. In this session, we will be hearing about lessons of what cultural values are important for leaders to build, manage, and scale. Through this discussion, you will also get to learn and share what challenges or lessons your teams have faced.

Laurel Lau is an innovation management consultant and an executive coach, as well as founder of Six Atlas. Together with her global agile team, Laurel works with impact-driven organizations and purpose-driven executives to assess their innovation capabilities and adjust to take advantage of innovation in today’s ever-changing global marketplace.

Born in Hong Kong but educated in the United States, Laurel has spent her life navigating changing environments and cultural expectations, and she taps into the lessons she’s learned as she works to empower conscious leadership in her clients to best serve their organizations in a world of innovation.

Innovators Insights

18 March, 19:00 SGT/12:00 CET/7am ET

Culture-Experiments - How to Foster the Right Innovation Culture?

Florine van Wulfften Palthe
Innovation Learning Manager at ABN AMRO Bank

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In this session Florine will share her experience and best practices with regards to creating the right culture for corporates to innovate, and for teams to perform. Her vision is to look at things holistically: there is no leadership without authenticity, there is no entrepreneurship without psychological safety, and there is no teamwork without empathy.

Florine has a background in engineering and design. Yet - she always has had an interest in people, psychology, and culture. After working as a Service Designer for several years, Florine started working at ING. She has set up Accelerator Programs in Germany, Poland and the Netherlands. During this time, she learned that next to the usual innovation processes, governance, and capabilities - team and culture are key. She found that most of her work lies in helping teams and managers with adopting a new mindset. She worked as a freelancer in New York (AB InBev) and Basel (Roche) and joined forces with Corporate Rebels.

Since 2020 she has taken on the challenge of building Innovation Capabilities and Culture at ABN AMRO. Her vision is to look at things holistically: there is no leadership without authenticity, there is no entrepreneurship without psychological safety, and there is no teamwork without empathy.

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18 March, 20:00 SGT/13:00 CET/8am ET

Building an Inclusive Innovation Culture: From Strategy Through to Benefit Realization

Ivan Lloyd
CEO at Edison365

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Innovation cannot exist in a vacuum; it must be linked to the wider business strategy and priorities if organizations are to realize the full potential of ideas. The key to unlocking this value is to build an inclusive innovation culture, which goes far beyond the remit of the innovation team and the so-called ‘front end of innovation’. That means more than creating challenges, capturing and triaging ideas and into the uncharted realms of building a robust and meaningful business case for all these brilliant ideas.

Establishing an inclusive innovation culture that combines innovation, business case justification and delivery drives value and can establish innovation leaders as the true commercial heroes of modern organizations.

In his session, Ivan will talk about the practical ways in which you can build a culture that democratizes ideas to make them pay for the entire organization and align them to business strategy.

During this session you will learn:
• How to establish, nurture and sustain an inclusive innovation culture that supports an end-to-end approach to innovation from strategy to benefit realization.
• Employing better governance approaches at each stage gate on your innovation journey.
• The way an innovation culture can ensure that the right ideas move forwards, key lessons are learned and benefits are realized on a long-term basis.
• How to create widespread involvement in your innovation process and ownership at a higher level to help drive change.

Ivan Lloyd is the Chief Executive Officer and Innovation Evangelist at edison365, with over 25 years of consulting experience in both Innovation and PPM, and has been an adviser to Microsoft since 2003. Ivan is the global leader of our business and is a major respected expert in innovation delivery, project management excellence and business benefit realization. Ivan helps our clients drive innovation into their core business processes and helps them make ideas work for their organization.

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18 March, 21:00 SGT/14:00 CET/9am ET

People Innovate, Not Companies

Peter Daels
Managing Director at INNDUCE.ME

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Innovation is crucial for the future of your company but innovation is also complex, risky, slow & with an uncertain outcome.

Recent research identifies having the right people with the right skills as one of the 4 main challenges for successful innovation.

Based on the scientific research done together with the University of Ghent (prof. dr. Frederik Anseel) Peter will explain how you can innovate faster and more efficiently together with your people.

Since February 2020, Peter is the managing director of, a unique assessment mapping the innovation skills of people in an objective & scientific manner.

Peter holds a Master in Applied Economics from the University of Leuven, Belgium (KUL) & worked over 10 years in maritime & logistics industry before acquiring a market research company. During this period he studied the behavior of customers & employees in a B2B environment.

He strongly believes that People take a central role in this technology-driven world.

Learning Lab

18 March, 22:00 SGT/15:00 CET/10am ET/7am PT

How Captain Kirk Made His Crew Perform 10x Better

Heiko Fischer
Founder and CEO at Resourceful Humans

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Star Trek creator Gene Rodenberry’s vision was a Utopian future. A diverse, innovative Crew facing the ultimate unknown daily to push Humanity forward. Fantasy yes, but his vision is grounded in Maverick Enterprises here, today. Enterprises that leveraged a network design to replace hierarchy and move authority to act to where the magic happens.

Join us to learn how your organization can go Tech to the Future with lessons of sustainable gamechangers like W.L. Gore, Patagonia or Spotify. Play a breathtaking VR Leadership experience based on L.David Marquet's business bestseller "Turn the Ship around", and a Collaboration platform called aiRH - home of AImee, a videogame inspired AI, who wants to be your best friend at work. So, ready for Warp Speed?

Innovators Insights

18 March, 16:00 CET/11am ET/8am PT

Ready to Foster Intrapreneurship With the New ISO 56000 Series on Innovation Management?

Alice de Casanove
Culture Evolution, Innovation Director at Airbus

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Herb Kelleher, who built Southwest Airlines into one of the most successful airlines in the world, said, "The business of business is people—yesterday, today, and forever." . There is no innovative organization without engaged, energetic, enjoyable people. And how to set your teams on fire and develop an innovation culture through a powerful intrapreneurship framework?

During the past years 200+ experts from 70 countries worked on a referential to make any organization intrapreneurship friendly. They had an obsession: make you succeed. Here's how to foster intrapreneurship with the new ISO 56000 Series on Innovation Management.

Alice de Casanove is in charge of innovation culture in Airbus North America (4000+ employees across the USA), where she fosters the relevant mindset to accelerate future businesses, and she leads the cultural roadmap for digitalization and innovation.
In 2018, Alice was nominated as Woman in the innovation of the year by l’Usine Nouvelle for her innovation project of beehives monitoring by satellites.

Alice plays a determining role in the publication of the ISO referential on good practices in innovation management (ISO 5600 series). Since 2013 she has chaired the international committee gathering 52+ countries in close coordination with WTO, OECD, WIPO, and the World Bank.

Alice has started her career in a video deep-tech start-up then she joined Sagem to manage and develop the value of the Innovation portfolio of the French telecom manufacturer. She has joined the entrepreneurial adventure of Actimagine to develop video technologies on handheld devices (video games consoles and smartphones). Actimagine became the Nintendo Europe R&D center after being bought by NINTENDO. Alice graduated from Telecom Paristech and holds a Ph.D.

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18 March, 17:00 CET/12pm ET/9am PT

Why Every Leader Should Find Their Catalysts

Shannon Lucas & Tracey Lovejoy
Co-authors of Move Fast. Break Shit. Burn Out. The Catalyst’s Guide to Working Well and Co-CEO's at Catalyst Constellations

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The VUCA reality is upon us. We are living in a time of Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity. We can no longer deny this characterization of our reality. The question is: How should organizations respond? Or perhaps more importantly, how do leaders identify the employees who aren’t just ok with change but actually thrive in ambiguity and complexity? You have those employees in your organization, and they’re called Catalysts. Do you know how to find and support them?

In this session, Tracey Lovejoy and Shannon, who wrote the best-selling book, Move Fast. Break Shit. Burn Out. The Catalyst’s Guide to Working Well, will discuss the VUCA world we find ourselves in today. Then we’ll explore the skill sets companies must identify and cultivate to evolve and survive in this high velocity of change world.

Shannon and Tracey will guide you through the characteristics of Catalysts, how to find them, and how to create the practices to best engage these wicked action-oriented problem solvers. Organizations need empowered Catalysts now more than ever!

Learning Lab

18 March, 18:00 CET/1pm ET/10am PT

Building Innovation Culture with Tiny Habits

Tristan Kromer
Innovation Coach & Founder at Kromatic

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Startup culture is more than just ping pong tables, bean bags, and 20-slide powerpoint decks from HR. Startup culture is a shared system of beliefs, habits, and communication practices. For innovation teams, habits like designing experiments, running retrospectives, and the freedom to put forth crazy ideas provide a competitive advantage.

In this interactive workshop, we'll examine some key aspects of Startup culture and describe the ideal behaviors we'd like to see in our company. Then we'll figure out how to implement a viable innovation ecosystem by turning these behaviors into habits and measuring them in both qualitative and quantitative terms.

As a lean startup coach and founder of Kromatic, Tristan Kromer works with innovation teams and leaders to create amazing products and build startup ecosystems. He has worked with companies from early stage startups with zero revenue to enterprise companies with >$1B USD revenue (U​nilever​, ​Swisscom,​ Salesforce,​ ​Fujitsu,​ ​LinkedIn​). With his remaining hours, Tristan volunteers his time with ​early stage startups ​and blogs at ​​.

Enlightening Exchange

18 March, 19:00 CET/2pm ET/11am PT

Innovation: The New Engine of Workforce Transformation

Suzan Briganti, Kenneth Wright & Laurence Halimi Cige
Founder, CEO & Head of Product at Swarm Vision | Agency Lead for Innovation, Office of the Chief Technologist at NASA | Global Innovation Lead at Johnson & Johnson

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Innovation is merging into the larger trend of workforce transformation.

The key to long-term organizational viability is to renew yourself continuously. Covid only reinforced this lesson: Today organizations need a workforce that is agile, creative, that can thrive - not just survive - in uncertainty.

This is why organizations from NASA to Johnson & Johnson are using Swarm to drive workforce transformation. In this fireside chat, learn how Kenneth Wright from NASA and Laurence Halimi from Johnson & Johnson are using Swarm to strengthen teams, measure and improve their innovation cultures, and drive workforce transformation across their organizations.

Enlightening Exchange

18 March, 20:30 CET/3:30pm ET/12:30pm PT

Building the Human Side of the Corporate Flywheel

Mohan Nair
Former Chief Innovation Officer at Cambia Health Solutions, CEO at Emerge Inc

Trending Topic Talk

18 March, 21:00 CET/4pm ET/1pm PT

Why Days of Uncertainty are Designed for Creativity

Natalie Nixon
Author of The Creativity Leap and Creativity Strategist at Figure 8 Thinking

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In this session Natalie Nixon will share insights about the critical role of creativity for the future of work. Content areas will include creativity’s business ROI; leveraging creativity for ideal collaboration; and future-friendly transformation while navigating uncertain terrain.

You will leave with an alternative lens to view the trajectory of their work as well as creativity techniques to shift mindset and stretch thinking. In advance of the conversation, download a free sample chapter of Natalie’s award winning The Creativity Leap at

Natalie Nixon changes lives through ideas so that people build their creative confidence for years to come, get paid their worth and make an impact.

As president of Figure 8 Thinking, LLC she advises leaders and executive teams on how to achieve transformative business results by applying creativity and foresight. Clients have included Comcast, Citrix, Living Cities, VaynerMedia and Bloomberg.

A hybrid thinker, Natalie consistently applies her background in cultural anthropology and fashion. She began her career in education and as a hat designer. Later, Natalie worked in global apparel sourcing for a division of The Limited, Inc. Previous to Figure 8 Thinking, she was a professor for 16 years. Natalie is an early-stage investor at two social impact ventures. She's valued for her ability to work at the intersection of commercial value and stakeholder equity.

Natalie has lived in Germany, Brazil, Portugal, Israel, and Sri Lanka and is proficient in Portuguese and Spanish. She is a member of the Forbes Coaches Council, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and is certified as a Foresight Practitioner by the Institute for the Future.

When she's not dancing up a storm in hip-hop class, Natalie is fine-tuning her foxtrot, salsa, and tango on the ballroom floor. She lives in her hometown of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with her husband, John Nixon, and is the proud stepmother of Sydney.

Innovators Insights

18 March, 22:00 CET/5pm ET/2pm PT

Innovation is Everyone’s Job

Stephanie Hammes-Betti
SVP, Innovation Design at US Bank

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In this session you will hear about the efforts of U.S. Bank to engage their employees in the process of innovation. You will learn about the programs the they created to help build the innovation muscle of their company. Learn what has worked, what hasn’t and what is still “in progress”.

Stephanie Hammes-Betti is Senior Vice President of Innovation Design for the U.S. Bank Innovation Group. She leads the team responsible for the front end of the innovation process by providing education, training, programs, idea management platforms, and tools to bring innovation into the enterprise.

Through their Rapid Design studio (RaD) process, they focus on lean research capabilities to validate ideas and prototype concepts with the intent bring ideas earlier into pilot. Additionally, they also manage the communication channels for innovation to promote US Bank’s commitment to investing in innovation internally and externally in partnership.

Friday 19 March

Showcase Session

19 March, 19:00 SGT/12:00 CET/7am ET

End-to-End Showcase of the edison365suite

Ivan Lloyd
CEO at Edison365

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In an earlier session this week Ivan addressed the need to build an inclusive culture that combines innovation, business case justification and delivery to realize the full value of ideas. This session explores what this looks like in practical terms with the edison365suite, our end-to-end innovation and delivery platform built for Microsoft 365.

In this live product demonstration, expect to gain an understanding of the key features and functionality of the edison365suite and how our tools can act as the enabler of an inclusive culture that supports end-to-end innovation from strategy to benefit realization.

In the session you will learn:

- How edison365ideas makes innovation accessible for all, whilst helping to manage and expand your innovation portfolio that is aligned to your strategy.

- How you can use Open Innovation to draw on the expertise of all your stakeholders and deliver impactful innovation.

- The benefits of justifying and assessing the impact of your ideas in a transparent and repeatable way with edison365businesscase.

- How the edison365suite integrates with Microsoft 365, supporting collaboration and adoption.

Ivan Lloyd is the Chief Executive Officer and Innovation Evangelist at edison365, with over 25 years of consulting experience in both Innovation and PPM, and has been an adviser to Microsoft since 2003. Ivan is the global leader of our business and is a major respected expert in innovation delivery, project management excellence and business benefit realization. Ivan helps our clients drive innovation into their core business processes and helps them make ideas work for their organization.

Showcase Session

19 March, 20:00 SGT/13:00 CET/8am ET

How a VR Submarine and an AI Videogame Character Unleashes Intrapreneurship

Heiko Fischer
Founder and CEO at Resourceful Humans

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Learn how Leadership Teams can emotionally experience how to create an Intrapreneurship culture in VR game based on L.David Marquet’s bestselling book “Turn the Ship around”. Then experience how to scale this into organizations with a videogame inspired AI called AImee.

2016 Heiko was voted one of Germany’s Top 40 Entrepreneurs. Management Gurus Gary Hamel and Dave Ulrich call him a maverick game-changer. Why? Heiko already implemented networked, autonomous teams at scale and designed work as an entrepreneurial leader-leader experience when it was simply called “Making kick-ass video games”.

3rd generation HR, heiko really has two origins; multi-cultural geneva and the hp-way. Graduating from an international school, he earned his BA in communications at USC in Los Angeles, Paris and Cairo. While making his bones in management at HP in Barcelona and ebay in Berlin, he completed his masters in organisational change at Ashridge university in London. In 2008 he became global head of HR at Crytek, then the world’s hottest video game company. There his team fused the 1st principles of networked organizations like semco, W.L.Gore and Morningstar with bleeding edge gaming technology - designing the experience to scale a self- organising network of entrepreneurs. The result? No HR. No managers. Full-on customer obsessed, agile, autonomous teams. The genesis of the RH-way philosophy and technology.

2011 Heiko founded the technology company Resourceful Humans. Angela Maus joined 2014. RH spear-headed the new work movement, rolling-in network leadership at industry leaders like T-Mobile, Accenture and Erste bank, winning RH numerous innovation awards. In 2018 RH formally announced the development of its proprietary AI character Aimee, as well as forming aRHat games with Captain David Marquet to create unique network leadership experiences in vr.

Heiko has 6 wonderful children, suffers with the Eintracht Frankfurt Football Club, loves motor- racing, writing and getting coffee with unique leaders in his show “Leaders in cars getting coffee”.

Challenge Call

19 March, 21:00 SGT/14:00 CET/9am ET

How Do You Build an Engaged Company-Wide Innovation Community?

Tim Kidd
Innovation Excellence Manager at DSM

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DSM is a purpose led global materials and nutritional products company with around 21000 employees, approximately 3000 of which are in innovation related roles (R&D, M&S, corporate).

Like many large corporates, innovation is carried out in bubbles such as specific business groups or units, or regions/countries. As such connection between innovators between these bubbles is challenging - although the recent advances in digital connection is making this more feasible. We have many best practises and talented innovators with experiences and skills that would be of value to the total DSM innovation community if shared.

We are now looking to connect all innovators across DSM, to share, learn and inspire each other - building on the right innovation toolset, skillset and mindset. The question is, how to build such a community, what should it address, how can we share content, how can we get the right engagement, are there any examples from other companies we can learn from?

Join this Challenge Call to share your feedback and learn from others as well.

Tim Kidd works in the Innovation center at Royal DSM, a global, purpose-led, science-based company active in Nutrition, Health and Sustainable Living. In his role as Innovation Excellence manager, he works with innovators across DSM’s business groups to help support and facilitate cross functional project teams to deliver impactful results and realize the full potential of their innovations in the market. Tim has almost 20 years of experience working in innovation at DSM, starting off in R&D and then subsequently moving on to new business development. In his current role, he’s looking to build a community of practice around innovation best practices that engages innovators and facilitates peer-to-peer networking and the adoption of the right innovation mindset, skillset and toolset.

Your Moderators

Celia Geering
Growth at GETKICKBOXAs part of the growth team at GETKICKBOX I get our peers to the base of innovation and help them foster internal transformation, so that their products and services are prepared for the next decades and they can be sure to have the best prepared workforce on hand to overcome the challenges of the future.

Gayathri Gopal
Innovation Consultant at Board of InnovationGayathri Gopal is an innovation consultant with the Board of Innovation, who is focused on helping companies and teams develop new businesses, growth strategies and buld innovation capabilities.

Hannah Keartland
Innovation ConsultantHannah helps organisations deliver innovation that has an impact, drawing on her director-level experience in both innovation and finance & operations, as well as 20 years of practical experience working on innovation, project delivery and management roles across all business areas.

HC Eppich
Business Development Director at SopheonHans-Cristian is Director Business Development at Sopheon, an international provider of software, expertise, and best practices for enterprise innovation performance.

Lorraine Margherita
Change Catalyst at Co-DynamicsLorraine brings her expertise in collective dynamics to your leadership team and to your management team, to build on the culture of your organization and trigger individual and collective performance.

Maarten Korz
Corporate Innovator & Digital Ecosystem DeveloperMaarten Korz is a senior corporate innovator and ecosystem developer with 22 years of experience in designing and implementing digital and innovative solutions and processes. He has co founded the Digital Ecosystems Institute this year. Based in Zürich he consults big corporates with (open) innovation challenges.

Maike Strudthoff
Innovation Enabler & DriverMaike empowers teams to innovate and Jump to the Next level in the digital era. She helps companies to transform to new ways of working and act really customer centric.

Philippe Delespesse
CEO and Founder Inteligencia Creativa & Binnakle Innovation GamesExpert and speaker on Innovation and Transformation. More than 15 years experience helping companies to boost and systematize Creative Thinking and Innovation through training, workshops, consulting and more.

Roald Larsen
Big Kahuna @ Untaylored Business Design StudioHelping corporate innovation find, grow and build The-Next-Big-Thing

Rob Aalders
Founder at Startup SpiritAs an ecosystem designer I connect the dots across various seemingly unrelated domains, to create exponential opportunities. Over 15 years I have worked for and with large corporates and governments and helped dozens of startups grow.

Samantha Yarwood
Chief Innovation and Inspiration officer at INRV8My purpose in life is to inspire creativity to reimagine the possible and create a culture of goodness.

Scott McDonald
Co-founder at Modern AcceleratorScott helps brands to invent new products, services and business models for new generations of customers.

Wim Vandenhouweele
Independent Coach for Corporate Innovation Leaders, Especially in Pharma/healthcareWim worked for 35 years in Big Pharma, with Merck (called MSD outside the US), of which 5 years as global innovation leader. He leads a network of over 50 local and regional innovation leaders.

Yann Wermuth
Partner at Vendbridge AGMore than 10 years of experience in Growth, Innovation and Value Proposition at Vendbridge.

Peer Circles

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15 March, 16:00 CET/11am ET/9am PT

Kick Off Circle: Clarity on Objectives

19 March, 16:00 CET/11am ET/8am PT

Wrap Up Circle: Preparing for Implementation

8 April 2021, 16:00 CET/10am ET/7am PT

Check-In Circle: Implementation Progress


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