8 Innovators Reflecting Back on 2019

As part of Innov8rs Connect, our virtual summit early December 2019, we asked corporate innovators across industries to reflect back and share their proudest accomplishments, greatest challenges, and best piece of advise for others.

Here’s a summary of their reflections

ISO 56000 for Innovation Management

With ISO 56000, finally there’s an internationally-recognized set of innovation management standards for organizations in various verticals.

Here’s why you should care about ISO 56000, how it will help your organization and how you can get start with implementation

LEAP: How To Thrive In A World Where Everything Can Be Copied

The competitive advantage that accrues from scale, or great brands, or patents, is evanescent. The companies that survived dramatic shifts were able to leap from one knowledge system or foundational discipline to another.

Check IMD Professor Howard Yu sharing the four principles of LEAP

Clayton Christensen, the Gentle Giant of Innovation

He viewed management as the noblest of professions — not because of managers’ ability to execute plans or make money, but because of their ability to impact the human lives of those they managed — and, by extension, their families and friends — for the better. A tribute by Michael B. Horn.

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Corporate Innovation Labs: A Case Study on DHL’s Startup Lab

With more than half a million employees, DHL is the largest logistics company in the world. Joey Naumann heads up DHL’s Startup Lab, the company’s internal incubation program at their headquarters in Bonn, Germany. He had to create a structure that gave teams enough flexibility to be creative, while living with corporate constraints. Here’s what he did.

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On The Authenticity (And Legitimacy) of Innovators

The biggest attitude problem we can have as innovators is to believe that we have an automatic license to be listened to; that we have legitimacy simply because companies are being disrupted. “This alone doesn’t give you legitimacy… It doesn’t, and it shouldn’t” says Tendayi Viki. How can we truly impact the organization we work for?

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Trust: The Glue Before Glue Is Needed

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