Innovation Talent Predicts Business Results. Are You Using Yours?

Suzan Briganti

Founder, CEO & Head of Product at Swarm Vision

as recording during on 16-19 March 2021 as part of Innov8rs Connect on Culture, Talent and Teams.

Did you know that innovation talent strongly predicts business outcomes? Yes, it's true. But few organizations know how to identify the innovation talent in their workforce, how to design strong teams with this data, or how to manage this talent at an organizational level to boost their growth.

In this session with Suzan Briganti we dove into the research behind Swarm Vision, the innovation system from Silicon Valley that drives rapid growth from innovation, with the workforce you already have. Learn about the world's largest study of serial, successful innovators, the four phases, the 8 innovation skill clusters and 26 sub-clusters.

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About the speaker

Suzan grew up in Silicon Valley since before it was called that. During her early career, Suzan played a key role in many industry firsts: from the first internet-enabled consumer electronics, to the first female sexual desire drug; and ten successful new consumer packaged goods products.

Suzan has founded three successful start-ups: an eponymous fashion accessories brand; an innovation consultancy called Totem; and now Swarm Vision, the innovation system that drives rapid innovation results in large enterprises, with the workforce you already have. Swarm is used by Fortune 1000 companies and government agencies to transform themselves for the innovation age.