From Scratch to Scale: The Ideal Setup for a Successful Corporate Venture Journey-IHB23

Thomas Van Halewyck

Co-Founder & Managing Partner at Bundl

as recorded on 3 November 2021 as part of Innov8rs Connect on Venture Building & Scaling

Right from the first step of a corporate venture's path towards scaling, there are important milestones that need to be kept into account: - Team setup in different stages - Metrics to track in different stages - Governance structure - Key moment to spin-in or spin-out and the legal implications - Operational setup at various stages - Collaboration/link between mothership and venture - And more. Based on Thomas and Bundl's experience of running 200+ tracks in the corporate innovation space, he shared the pathway to scale for corporate ventures that currently holds the most potential for success that you can follow with your own ventures.

About the speaker

Thomas is an entrepreneur with a focus on Corporate Venturing. He firmly believes that today’s corporations have a critical advantage in responding to fast-evolving customers. In 2008, he co-founded the Bundl, which is active on a global scale with a team of 45+ people. Having a portfolio of 200+ corporate innovation projects and joint ventures, he and the Bundl team have gained unparalleled expertise by creating new ventures from scratch. Recent corporate venturing tracks have seen him take an active role in successful ventures like with Beiersdorf, with Telenet, and with BNP Paribas Fortis.

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