Mobilizing Innovation: Embedding A Systems Approach To Redefine Corporate Innovation

Sade Bamimore

Author of Reimagining Systems for a Sustainable Future

as recorded on 13 April 2022 as part of Innov8rs Connect on Climate & SDG's

Innovation is about challenging the norm with new ideas to create change.

What catalyzes innovation? What inspires the pursuit of innovation that leads to transformative solutions?

Author Sade Bamimore will introduce lessons on inclusive sustainability leadership from her book Reimagining Systems for a Sustainable Future. Through this, Sade will discuss the role of thinking systemically to break down barriers in ideation and innovation. The outcome of the session will be to learn how sustainability leadership applies to innovation and what the role of embodied systems thinking is in leading transformative, innovative solutions.

About the speaker

Sade Bamimore (she/her) is a published author of the book Reimagining Systems for a Sustainable Future. Sade hopes that her book inspires readers toward sustainability action. Apart from writing, Sade is a Sustainability Consultant and DE&I Council Member at ERM. Prior to ERM, she worked in nature-based solutions at the United Nations Development Programme. This year, Sade has been recognized as a GreenBiz Emerging Leader by GreenBiz Group.

Sade earned a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science and a Certificate in Human Needs and Global Resources from Wheaton College in Illinois. She has developed a broadened scope on what it means to live and act within planetary boundaries through her studies of Sustainable Development and Environmental Science in Denmark, Sweden, Costa Rica, Chile, and Peru.

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