The Mindsets Needed for High-Performance Teams

Viv Goldstein

VP, Organizational & Executive Development at Bionic, part of Accenture Interactive

as recorded on 15 March 2022 as part of Innov8rs Connect on Culture, Talent & Teams

To unlock new opportunities and compete effectively in today’s rapidly changing markets, businesses need to build and maintain a culture of always-on growth. While we can agree that organic growth is essential, embedding the systemic changes that an organization needs to enable such growth requires a radical shift in mindsets to strengthen and support new organizational and procedural capabilities, as Viv shared in this session.

About the speaker

Viv Goldstein is a transformational change agent with extensive experience in partnering with Fortune 500 companies to build ambidextrous leadership skills, coaching and mentoring growth leaders, and creating new ways to drive accountability. At Bionic, she is responsible for identifying and developing enterprise talent to build an “always on” organizational growth capability. Prior to Bionic, Viv spent 20+ years at GE, most recently creating an enterprise-wide platform that applied entrepreneurial tools, processes and culture across the organization. Viv is a fundamental believer in “without a change in mindset, mechanics just don’t matter.”

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