Atomic Innovation: Five Tiny Habits To Amplify Your Innovation Culture-IHB23

Elvin Turner

Executive Innovation Coach

as recorded on 7 June 2022 as part of Innov8rs Unconference

Sparking and sustaining a culture of innovation feels impossible inside many organizations. But it doesn’t have to. In this session Elvin will share five practical approaches that leaders and managers use inside global brands to create a culture of innovation that scales and sticks. Elvin will share real stories, real tools, real conversations and real outcomes from organizations in industries including FMCG, music, technology, NGO, energy, and law. You’ll leave the session with some new tools and strategies to help you amplify the innovation culture inside your organization.

About the speaker

Elvin Turner is a best-selling author, innovation coach and associate professor at several business schools. He is also an award-winning designer of innovation leadership programs. Hwe is a regular conference speaker and a guest on podcasts covering the topics of innovation, culture and leadership. He has coached hundreds of innovation culture programmes around the world for companies including Universal, IBM, Telefonica, Cisco, Santander, Pernod Ricard and Accenture. Elvin’s latest book is Be Less Zombie is a practical handbook for managers who need to create an innovation culture. The book was a finalist in the Business Book Awards 2021.

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