Why Successful Innovation Strategies Always Start With People

Robert Toon

Innovation and Portfolio Management Consultant at edison365

as recorded on 23 September 2021 as part of Innov8rs Connect on Strategy, Leadership & Organization

Putting data, process and the bottom-line to one side, your people make up the foundation to your innovation strategy and are your most valuable asset. It is easy to get lost in the numbers but if you want to truly embed innovation within your organization and drive business transformation, then you cannot underestimate the power of employee voice.

Having experienced the challenges around innovation strategy first-hand, Rob will be deep diving into the motivations for a people-first approach and the value in connecting the dots within your innovation community. He’ll also share his experience and best practices for creating a safe space for employee ideas to be heard, protected, and nurtured.

During the session, we discussed:
- Building an employee-led innovation strategy
- Nurturing your people and their ideas
- How to avoid organizational behaviors that stifle and kill innovation
- How to create a winning team for innovation, not just focusing on job roles but personalities too
- How to encourage diversity of thinking and prevent any dominance dynamics that might silence employee voice
- The power of connecting the dots

About the speaker

Having spent a number of years delivering projects and innovation in the construction industry, Rob has become an expert in a people-first approach to innovation and business transformation. Rob is passionate about delivering successful innovation and transformation projects and is focused on understanding the impact this can have on organizations, industries, and society as a whole.

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