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At our events, we want you to actually learn and do stuff. We have curated an agenda with 30+ interactive sessions for you to understand what’s working in other companies, benchmark your approach and performance and explore new approaches and develop new skills.

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We know- you are extremely busy. It does however pay off to take a step back to reflect and refocus, to be better positioned to get results.

So we suggest you choose at least 5-7 sessions to join live and block your calendar so you don't miss the relevant sessions for you.

Here’s how to get the most out of the Innov8rs Connect Event.

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👍 Thanks to our Expert Partners

Thanks to the following Education Partner for sharing their approaches, experience and tools with us. For any follow questions, feel free to reach out to them directly.

Mach49 partners with global businesses to disrupt markets and create new growth opportunities.

Founded in 2014 and with incubation hubs worldwide, Mach49 is based in Redwood City, CA and has offices in Boston, London, and Singapore.


Scoutely is a research-backed data management platform, streamlining start-up discovery and opportunity assessment and helping to break the organizational barriers that block effective partnering.


Bundl is a corporate entrepreneurship firm teaming up with corporates to build, launch, and scale new ventures from scratch.


Highline Beta is a hybrid corporate venture studio and VC firm that evolves the traditional management consulting model to put things into action, not just strategize in the clouds. We work with executives to build new ventures both inside and outside of their organizations to unlock new areas of growth.


Pilot44 delivers a proven innovation methodology and suite of end-to-end services, designed to accelerate digital innovation & deliver new growth ventures.


Wellspring powers innovation programs for organizations to transform scientific knowledge into real-world products.


GAN is a highly curated community of 160+ independent accelerators, startup studios, and investors with one collective focus: helping startups build powerful businesses and make a meaningful impact.


HYPE Innovation provides software and consulting for the innovation ecosystem. With HYPE, organizations can engage employees, customers, and partners in strategy building, idea & partner management, and innovation project management.


Spyre Group is a company that transforms organizations into innovation powerhouses one innovative venture at a time.


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Dive deeper into the world of corporate ecosystems and entrepreneurship with these research reports, interactive canvases, and expert guides, offered by Bundl.

Enter to win: Lean Analytics is a "how to" guide for figuring out what to measure when building a new venture. It's based on Highline Beta's Ben Yoskovitz's experience running a Startup Accelerator. Enter to win 1 of 2 copies via this link.

Pilot 44 offers you a free 1-hour benchmarking session on Open Innovation best practices. Email Andrew Backs at andrew@pilot44.com to arrange a time.

Thousands of new technologies are invented and hundreds of new startups are launched every day. Get visibility across the global Knowledge Supply Chain with Wellspring’s AI-powered Scout platform.

Read GAN's white paper to learn:

• Why the fast not the big will dominate the future
• How to combine corporate scale and startup speed
• 10 practical steps to engaging with startups
• 3 corporate-startup case studies

Read Spyre's Ahi Gvirtsman's whitepaper about creating a balanced organizational eco-system that is manageable, repeatable and scalable with the outcome of business opportunities ready to scale based both on internal ideas and openness to startups and academia.

With Valuer.ai, you'll find your North Star amongst a universe of data. Through the fusion of artificial intelligence and human ingenuity, our platform gives you several navigational tools to discover hidden innovation clusters.

Get 25% discount on your first purchase with Valuer.ai. To redeem, simply enter coupon code: Innov8rs on www.valuer.ai

The hy Ecosystem Manager helps companies to actively manage and extend their corporate ecosystem.

Download the brochure here.

Check HYPE's Oana-Maria Pop's report Building and Managing an Ecosystem of Co-Create Value. Key considerations are outlined, and a framework is introduced, to help innovation managers map out and develop their own ecosystems of shared value.

Most corporate venturing activities are built around personal relationships: meetings, events, hackathons, pitch sessions and so forth. Covid-19 has strongly encouraged (or indeed forced) a complete renewal of working habits, promoting things like remote meetings and long-distance calls. Now that travels and meetings are being substantially reduced, delegating the startup discovery phase to computers becomes an even more logical step, suggests Novable's Laurent Kinet in this whitepaper.

Learn how to unlock your limitless innovation potential with Connected Innovation Intelligence (CII), an AI-powered technology that combs through millions of disparate data points, segments them by industry and relevance, and weaves the insights together to create a meaningful narrative.

Patsnap created The Definitive Guide to Connected Innovation Intelligence to give you an in-depth understanding of how CII can help your business innovate better.

The “startup ecosystem” is an intricate concept. In a larger sense, it comprises big companies, founders, startups, venture capitalists, and other organizations that encompass what startups do. Every party within the large ecosystem has its expertise, and collaboration across the board is the key to a successful open innovation program. For corporate innovation teams, effective outreach and communication with its main stakeholders, ecosystems, and startups can lead to mutually beneficial outcomes, as SwitchPitch's Michael Goldstein outlines in this article.

Open Innovation and crowdsourcing deliver collective impact through collective intelligence, giving access to a global talent pool and truly enabling innovation at scale like never before. The book One Smart Crowd: How Crowdsourcing is Changing the World One Idea at a Time by Wazoku's Simon Hill is living proof of the importance of diversity of thinking, perspective, and skills in finding solutions and driving innovation outcomes.

Claim your free copy of the book via this form.

👋 Say hi to your moderators

Yann Wermuth

Partner at Vendbridge AG

Yann has more than 10 years of experience in Growth, Innovation and Value Proposition at Vendbridge.

Adela Villanueva


Trilingual professional with 15+ years of experience transforming, accelerating, growing and scaling F500 organizations, startups, people and businesses around the Globe

Rob Aalders

Founder at Startup Spirit

As an ecosystem designer I connect the dots across various seemingly unrelated domains, to create exponential opportunities. Over 15 years I have worked for and with large corporates and governments and helped dozens of startups grow.

Olivia Law

Commercial Director at Pollen8

Olivia is the Commercial Director at Pollen8. She has a natural curiosity for people and problem solving which enables her to discover what is best for each client. She has a wealth of experience in business strategy, culture change and innovation, supporting blue-chip organisations around the world including IKEA, Google and Vodafone.

Rocky Ozaki

Founder & CEO at NoW of Work Inc.

Rocky is the Founder of the NoW of Work; a business transformation firm that helps build naturally innovative and agile teams that are capable of thriving in our exponential times. The Future is NoW...are you ready?

Hannah Keartland

Consultant at Keartland & Co

Hannah helps successful CEOs know what steps to take to build a business that is environmentally and socially responsible, drawing on director-level experience in both innovation and finance & operations, as well as over 15 years of working in charities and for-purpose businesses.

Alex Pesjak

Transformation and Innovation Guide

Alex has 20+ years of international brand leadership and innovation management experience in strategic and operational roles in global FMCG companies (Coca-Cola, Kraft) and 10+ experience as an independent consultant.

Chris Townsend

Chief Marketing Officer at Wellspring

Chris Townsend is the Chief Marketing Officer at Wellspring, the leading provider of Innovation
Ops software – supporting Tech Scouting and Innovation Management at companies ranging
from startups to multinational corporations. Chris has worked for 15 years in the innovation
management space, as both a thought leader at Forrester Research and as a senior executive at
providers in both North America and Europe.

Jordí Rafols

Founder and CEO at Innoget.com

Jordi has been directly involved in hundreds of Open Innovation projects in a wide range of different industries and has worked with several companies in the evaluation, development, and deployment of their Open Innovation programs.

Marisol Menéndez

Chief Open Innovation Officer for Nordic Future Innovation and South Summit

Marisol is an Open Innovation enthusiast and expert with +20 years of experience in Digitalization and Innovation. Chief Open Innovation Officer for Nordic Future Innovation and South Summit. Former Global Head of Open Innovation at BBVA, advisor for startups and author of the "3 Dimensions of Open Innovation" methodology.

Diana Joseph

CEO at Corporate Accelerator Forum

Diana Joseph believes that everyone needs to be more entrepreneurial. A former high-tech innovation director with a doctorate in Learning Sciences, Diana brings together techniques from motivation psychology, education, and Silicon Valley innovation methods such as design thinking and Lean Startup. Diana's consultancy helps individuals and organizations become more innovative and entrepreneurial by balancing compliance-based and initiative-based work.

Thomas Knoll

Entrepreneur, Founder & CEO at The Innovators CoLab

Thomas helps corporate innovation teams and enterprises create the structures, organizations, and processes that allow large organizations to make innovation a reliable, repeatable, and dependable practice.

Sander van der Blonk

Founding Partner at Scoutely

Sander heads Scoutely; a Startup Opportunity & Relationship Management platform. He has two decades of experience as a technology entrepreneur, having started his career in marketing and innovation in the biotech and software industries. He is also an angel investor and a plug-in digital innovation and co-innovation specialist.

Nistha Mehta

Change Facilitator & Corporate Innovation Coach at CollabCentral

As a lean innovation coach and executive change facilitator with China, Asia and cross border international experience of over 19 years, Nishtha designs, facilitates and delivers collaborative leadership and digital innovation capabilities acceleration for corporate workplaces with the purpose to manage uncertainties, change management, innovation methodologies, infuse start-up, co-create new business/ new service model innovation pipeline and intrapreneur culture

Oana-Maria Pop

Head of Open Innovation at HYPE

Oana is currently Head of Open Innovation at HYPE. She specializes in the science and practice of building durable intra- and inter-firm relationships and collaboration.

Christoph Baier

Founder & Managing Director of Ambivation

Christoph connects companies and startups using scouting, matchmaking and sparring methods to foster successful partnerships and customer releationships with relevant startups.

Jonathan Dickerson

Head of Global Partnerships at GAN

With over 20 years of experience spanning small business consulting, corporate executive + startup sales as well as nonprofit training, Jonathan brings a wealth of knowledge, highlighting first-hand experience from a diverse pool of interpersonal communication strategies.

Neil Soni

Co-founder at Extovate

Neil Soni has built, grown, and created new ventures – both within the world’s largest brands and as an independent entrepreneur. Neil is co-founder of Extovate, which provides customized external innovation research service.

Nicolai Schättgen

CEO at Match-Maker Ventures

Nicolai is a serial entrepreneur and founder and CEO of Match-Maker Ventures. At Match-Maker Ventures, Nicolai is bridging the gap between growth-stage companies (scaleups) and large corporates with the sole objective to setup and drive value creating business collaborations.

Jessika-Kina Ouimet

Innovation Manager, Bonjour Startup Montreal

6+ years of experience designing and delivering corporate innovation programs, now helping large organizations collaborate with start-ups to build value-creating partnerships.