Getting the fundamentals right.

If you don't know where you're going, how will you know when you get there?

You won't get results from your innovation programs, processes and projects if the fundamentals are lacking.

It may sound obvious, but in most if not all organizations there's still quite big gap between aspirations and actuals.

From setting a proper strategy and structuring and organization the function, to having clarity about who makes what type of decisions when, to understanding how to align with and involve business leaders - there's a lot of variables at play. And it's your role as innovation leader, for your company as a whole, or for your department or region, to get them right.

Join this Learning Lab on Strategy, Leadership, Governance & Portfolio Management to understand what’s working in other companies, benchmark your approach and performance, and explore new approaches and develop new skills.


How do we set our innovation strategy, supporting our company strategy? How do we better align with the Strategy function for a more iterative approach? How do we then put this strategy into action, and deliver upon the promise we’ve made?


What makes for effective leadership, for our function, our teams and ourselves? How do we lead change to prepare our organizations for times of growing complexity, uncertainty, and volatility? But also, how do we engage with company leadership and business management in the right way, to gain support and secure resources, and to avoid politics to kill our efforts?


Given our innovation strategy, what’s the best way to organize our operations? What’s being done at corporate versus in the business, or in the regions? What’s the proper distance from the many innovation vehicles to the core business; does ambidexterity really work? How do we collaborate across silos, and streamline our efforts for the biggest impact?


How do we fund our innovation efforts? What is an effective governance structure for innovation - who decides what and when, company-wide as well as per business unit, per program and per venture? How do we measure our outcomes: are we getting better at showing our impact, tangible and intangible?

Portfolio Management

How to manage the overall innovation portfolio - and what would make for a “well balanced” portfolio? What can we learn from VC’s how they are placing their bets? How do we make the most out of investments in innovation, and make data-driven decisions about what to continue and what to stop?

Program Management

What are best practices for running large-scale innovation programs, typically in close collaboration with business leaders? What are key leverage points when managing multiple programs? How do we align the many different stakeholders, and create a shared understanding about key innovation metrics?

If you are working on and interested in themes and questions like this, join other cross-industry innovation leaders and professionals for 20+ in-depth conversations and interactive sessions as part of this Learning Lab.


Work with the best.

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11 October 202221:00-24:00 SGP/15:00-18:00 CEST/9am-12pm EDT/6am-9am PDT


11 October 2022, 21:30 SGT/15:30 CEST/9:30am EDT

Open Strategy: Mastering Disruption From Outside the C-Suite

Dr. Christian Stadler | Professor of Strategic Management at Warwick Business School, Author of bestselling and award winning “Open Strategy. Mastering Disruption From Outside The C-suite”
11 October 2022, 16:00 CEST/10am EDT/7am PDT

Innovation In Times of Crises - What to Focus On, How to Deliver

Greg Ratcliff & Louise Kyhl-Triolo | Chief Innovation Officer at Vertiv / Principal at Heidrick & Struggles
11 October 2022 at 17:00 CEST/11am EDT/8am PDT

From Innovation Theater To Growth Engine

Tendayi Viki | Associate Partner at Strategyzer at Author of Pirates In The Navy
11 October, 18:00 CEST/12pm EDT/9am PDT

Building a New Business Growth & Innovation Engine

Jim Bodio | Co-founder & Managing Partner at BRI

12 October 202218:00-21:00 SGP/12:00-15:30 CEST/6am-9:30am EDT

Governance & Organization

12 October 2022, 18:00 SGT/12:00 CEST

Why and How Top Innovators Are Organized Decentrally

Jesse Nieminen | Co-founder & Chief Growth Officer at Viima
12 October, 19:30 SGT/13:30 CEST/7:30am EDT

The Whys and Hows of Stagegating

Gert Hans Berghuis | Lead of the Innovation Factory @ Rabobank
12 October 2022, 20:00 SGT/14:00 CEST/8am EDT

Ambidexterity - How To Get It Right

Raam Venkatesan & Marion Mesnage | Head of Partnerships/Ecosystems, Business Development & Strategy at Huawei Technologies / Executive Vice President, Nexwave, the Amadeus Business Incubator at Amadeus
12 October 2022, 17:30:00 SGT/11:30 CEST

A Look Inside Danone's Innovation Realization Office

Laurence Tournerie | Senior Vice President Danone Innovation Realisation Office at Danone

12 October 202216:00-20:00 CEST/10am-2pm PDT/7am-11am PDT


12 October 2022, 22:00 SGT/16:00 CEST/10am EDT/7am PDT

What Leadership Needs to Focus On In Business Building

Frank Mattes | CEO at Lean Scaleup
12 October 2022, 22:30 SGT/16:30 CEST/10:30am EDT/7:30am PDT

Driving Innovation (When Your Leadership Team Is Not That Innovative)

Suzan Briganti | CEO at Swarm Vision
12 October, 17:00 CEST/11am EDT/8am PDT

Rethinking Leadership: Embracing Intrapreneurs

Solange Sobral, Eva Martins & Marco Eijsackers | Executive Vice President of Operations and Partner at CI&T / Global Head Customer Engagement at Sanofi / Global Digital Strategy & Transformation Lead at ING
12 October 2022, 18:00 CEST/12pm EDT/9am PDT

The Evolving Role of The Chief Innovation Officer

Elisa Farri & Gabriele Rosani | Vice President and Co-lead at Capgemini Invent's Management Lab / Director of Content and Research at Capgemini Invent's Management Lab
12 October 2022, 18:30 CEST/12:30pm EDT/9:30am PDT

Unfreeze the Middle - Extend Your Influence and Create Culture Beyond Your Direct Influence

Gretchen Goffe | CEO and Founder at DTLiveLAB
12 October, 19:00 CEST/1pm EDT/10am PDT

Innovation Storytelling - How To Bridge Divides & Win Support For Your Breakthrough Ideas

Susan Lindner | Founder and CEO at Innovation Storytellers | Innovation Storyteller | Global Keynote Speaker

12 October 202220:00-01:SGP/14:00-19:00 CEST/8am-1pm EDT/5am-10am PDT

Portfolio Management

13 October, 18:30 SGT/12:30 CEST

How to Kickstart A Successful Idea Execution Program

Adrian Novakovic | Innovation Catalyst at rready
13 October, 19:30 SGT/13:30 CEST/7:30am EDT

Different Vehicles for Innovation - Bringing It All Together

Cristina Ferraz | Head of Consumer Centric Innovation at Philip Morris International
13 October, 20:00 SGT/14:00 CEST/8am EDT

My Biggest Regrets in Managing a Portfolio of 23 Startups

Leonard Bukenya | Partner at Aimforthemoon
13 October 2022, 20:30 SGT/14:30 CEST/8:30am EDT

How to Create a Portfolio That Can Deliver The Size of Returns a Large Company Is Looking For?

Misha de Sterke & Alceo Rapagna | Managing Director at Innoleaps / CEO at Innoleaps Group
13 October, 21:00 SGT/15:00 CEST/9am EDT

Portfolio Management Principles - Central vs Decentral

Adam Sperry & Alessandra Pepe | Head of Portfolio & Performance at E.ON / Head of Innovation Processes & Group Portfolio Management, Science & Technology Office at Merck Group
13 October, 22:30 SGT/16:30 CEST/10:30am EDT/7:30am PDT

Portfolio Management: Linking Strategy to Resources and Execution

Alasdair Trotter | Partner and Managing Director at Innosight
13 October 2022, 17:30 CEST/11:30am EDT/8:30am PDT

Become Your Company's VC Investor

Dan Toma | Co-Author Innovation Accounting & The Corproate Startup, Partner at OUTCOME
13 October, 18:30 CEST/12:30pm EDT/9:30am PDT

Innovation Project Governance Do's & Don'ts

Noel Sobelman | Partner at Accel Management Group
13 October, 19:00 CEST/1pm EDT/10am PDT

7 Tactics to Move Your Innovation Portfolio from Theory to Practice

Rachel Kuhr Conn | Founder at Productable | Former Head at Innovation at Mark Cuban Companies

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Live Sessions

In the main week of the program, you can choose to join a diverse range of 20+ interactive small group sessions and peer to peer roundtables as they happen. You can also host your own sessions to ask for feedback or share your approach.


For four weeks per program, starting one week prior to the main week and ending two weeks after, you'll have access to a selection of topical past session recordings and other resources plus of course session recordings from the program itself.


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I have gathered so many cases for best practice on how to run innovation, how to measure it, how to fuel intrapreneurship etc. Further, most people I have met are really down to earth, pragmatic and no-bulshit kind of people that are creating real impact in the companies they work for."

"I'm amazed by the format, how open, honest and authentic it was.

What a great event! You rarely ever get that with these types of events - well done!"

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Sometimes working at the front-end of innovation can be a lonely place, especially in a large 100-year-old company. Connecting with so many other innovation professionals acted as a shot of adrenaline reigniting my drive to transform our organization."

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The value of the Unconference has far exceeded the cost."

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Our series of six Learning Labs between October 2022 and May 2023 offers you a deep dive into the key pillars of corporate innovation, exploring main themes and trends in just a few days.

You'll leave knowing what works (and what doesn't) in other companies and industries, and with fresh insights to address whatever tops your to-do list.

What's included?

Every "Seat" allows for one individual to participate in one Learning Lab program, and includes:

  • 20+ interactive small-group sessions you can join (talks, workshops, Ask Me Anything's, topical discussions, networking and more)
  • A personalized agenda based on YOUR goals and needs, and concierge support to help you make most out of the program
  • Option to join a Peer Circle with 3 others working on similar issues, for accountability and support with implementation
  • Option to host a Challenge Call to get feedback on your key challenge
  • Access to selected content from our library plus all session recordings and additional resources for four weeks in total
  • Ask questions, share experiences and discuss any topic with other participants via our community platform

Full schedule

Here's an overview of all six Learning Labs throughout the year.

  • Strategy, Leadership, Governance and Portfolio Management, 11-13 October 2022
  • Foresight & Business Design, 15-17 November 2022
  • Venture Building & Scaling, 14-16 February 2023
  • Startup Collaboration & Ecosystem Engagement, 14-16 March 2023
  • Culture, Talent & Teams, 4-6 April 2023
  • Climate & SDG's, 3-4 May 2023

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