Are you getting ready for 2022? Keen to connect and collaborate with other innovators?

We wanted to outline what's coming up and the different ways you can engage, as we've been getting many questions over the last weeks about what Innov8rs actually is and what we offer.

We've been bringing innovators together since 2011. Initially (and hopefully, soon again) through IRL conferences, but since 2017 also through online events and sessions. In short: Innov8rs is your best support resource to learn new approaches, solve challenges and improve outcomes. Innov8rs is where you keep up with what’s working now and what’s coming next, in order to make it happen in your organization.

Check the overview below, and if you have any questions- just open a chat via the blue button bottom right or email

Innov8rs Community

Leading and doing innovation in large organizations can feel like being on an island- but you don't need to go alone.

We offer you a community of peers to learn from and collaborate with, through our Innov8rs Community membership. Members are part of Circles with people in a similar role, with the same interests, in the same industry and based out of the same region for targeted conversations and relevant connections.

Beyond the Circles, members can join all 8 topical online events and our yearly Unconference program, have access to 600+ hours of content covering everything corporate innovation A-Z and also make use of several peer to peer formats to get feedback on questions and challenges from other members.

As a member, you can engage how and as much as you want, based on your goals and interests. You can pick and choose from 400+ live sessions each year. The content library always serves you everything you need to know in just a few clicks. And through the peer support formats, you can focus on whatever tops your to-do list. It’s the mix of these different learning opportunities and modalities (live or on-demand, with others or alone) that makes the membership such a valuable use of your precious time.

Other members are all innovation leaders and do-ers from companies such as SAP, Telefonica, Hitachi, BAT, Target, Walmart, J&J, Rabobank, Generali, bp, Bacardi, Unilever, Atlassian, Siemens, Maersk, H&M and Chick-fil-A, Inc.

Curious to hear more, or keen to join? As a first step, apply via the button below.


Innov8rs Connect

We run 8 online events each year, each covering one key pillar of corporate innovation.

Featuring the best and brightest experts as well as the most respected innovation leaders, our events always offer access to “the best and latest” on each of these eight topics. Per event, there’s a wide range of live sessions to join and a diverse group of 300+ peers to engage with. Also, you'll get access to featured content on the topic from past events.

Innov8rs Connect events are not your typical event: you’ll learn and do stuff. Whatever your challenges are, and regardless of industry and innovation maturity, you’ll leave with new, practical insights and an upgraded toolbox, to implement right away.

Here's what we'll address during Innov8rs Connect on Careers & Personal Development, 11-13 January (next week)

  • How can I be more effective as an innovation leader?
  • How do I keep a healthy balance and not let all of the complexity and resistance overwhelm me
  • How can I find the right next challenge?
  • How will our function evolve, and is there even a decent career path for me?
  • Also, there are several interactive sessions to help you have more impactful conversations, craft more engaging stories, host better online workshops and find your way navigating politics.

Here's what we'll address during Innov8rs Connect on Startup Collaboration & Ecosystem Engagement, 15-17 February

  • The state of corporate-startup collaboration in 2022: the strategic imperative, effective engagement models and conditions for success
  • How to measure the impact of startup collaborations, partnerships and investments?
  • How to find, source and select the right startups, making decisions based on data and not for the fear of missing out?
  • How to drive innovation within ecosystems? Who plays what role, and what are associated rewards?
  • What are the potential risks to mitigate; eg IP, competitors, ownership?

Here's what we'll address during Innov8rs Connect on Culture, Talent & Teams, 15-17 March (first agenda coming soon)

  • What makes for effective and high-performing innovation teams?
  • What's the best profile for the different innovation roles, and how to find and retain top talent?
  • How do we best collaborate with other functions and the business?
  • How can we change culture and build capabilities to support innovation company-wide?

Join Innov8rs Connect to understand what’s working in other companies, benchmark your approach and performance, and explore new approaches and develop new skills.


Learning Programs

If you are wondering what should be part of your training and development plans for this year, start by checking out the programs below and on this page.

Introduction to Discovery Driven Planning with Rita McGrath

This mini-course gets right to the fundamentals of how to deal with the levels of uncertainty and complexity that we are all facing today, through discovery driven planning.

Innovation Accounting with Tristan Kromer

Become a faster, more confident decision-maker with Kromatic's five-week Innovation Accounting program starting January 25th, 2022. Get your project moving by building a hypothesis-driven financial model to help you make better “go or no-go” decisions for your real-world project.

Lean Scaleup: Culture Peer Group with Frank Mattes

Along the innovation journey, there are 5 transitions in which "Culture" is a key success factor. On the hand, they relate to the interfaces between the core organization and innovation; on the other hand, they relate to building a “culture of growth” at the rapidly growing scaleup. This program supports you in getting the "Culture" component of corporate business building right.

Innovation Storytelling with Meredith Singleton

Stories hold the power to make or break innovation efforts. This immersive virtual training prepares innovators to create impactful stories that generate buy-in, increase motivation, and speed-up the innovation process.

The Facilitation Master Class with Daniel Stillman

This program helps you to bring diverse stakeholders together more effortlessly with an expanded toolkit and skillset for state-of-the-art creative collaboration. You'll learn to leverage the best-in-class tools and create virtual spaces for collaboration using narrative, wayfinding and presence.

We'll be adding more programs over the next weeks. If you are looking for something in particular, just reach out via email and we'll help you find the right program for your needs.