[Showcase Session] Startup Scouting/ Ecosystem Mapping I

Ingrid Willems, Dyan Finkhousen and Matthew Veale

CEO & Co-founder at Datascouts / Founder & CEO at Shoshin Works / Senior Professional Solutions Consultant at Patsnap

as recorded on 18 February 2022 as part of Innov8rs Connect on Startup Collaboration & Ecosystem Engagement

To get the best possible outcomes from your open innovation efforts, you need to put in place processes that sustainable and scalable. It's crucial to make decisions based on the right information, as well as to keep stakeholders aligned on what's happening, effectively. For that, most innovation teams have move or are moving beyond using Excel sheets, to a new generation of tools specifically designed for supporting open innovation efforts.

In this Showcase Session, we've heard different perspectives about "The Why, What and How of Startup Scouting/Ecosystem Mapping in 2022", and we've enjoyed a brief and informal pitch/demo from solution providers Datascouts, Shoshin Works and Patsnap.

About the speaker

Ingrid is an entrepreneur, business analysts, sparring partner and strategist, building businesses and guiding organizations in their digital transformation, breaking down silos and leveraging data a company owns, generates or has access to. Ingrid loves mapping, building and developing entrepreneurial and creative ecosystems, as she is convinced that ecosystems and platforms enable greater collaboration, fuel new business models and enable large and small organizations to contribute and gain value in novel ways.

Matthew Veale is an experienced European Patent Attorney and previous UKIPO Patent Examiner. He works with the team at PatSnap to unlock detailed insights, helping forward plan and create profitable IP and Research & Development strategies based on patent data including: freedom to operate searches; novelty searches; invalidity actions; competitor intelligence and patent landscapes.

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