[Showcase Session] Startup Scouting/Ecosystem Mapping II

Chris Townsend, Laurent Kinet and Dennis Poulsen

Chief Marketing Officer at Wellspring / CEO of Novable / CEO and Co-founder at Valuer.ai

as recorded on 18 February 2022 as part of Innov8rs Connect on Startup Collaboration & Ecosystem Engagement

To get the best possible outcomes from your open innovation efforts, you need to put in place processes that sustainable and scalable. It's crucial to make decisions based on the right information, as well as to keep stakeholders aligned on what's happening, effectively. For that, most innovation teams have move or are moving beyond using Excel sheets, to a new generation of tools specifically designed for supporting open innovation efforts.

In this Showcase Session, we heard different perspectives about "Startup Scouting/Ecosystem Mapping in 2022", and we enjoyed a brief and informal pitch/demo from solution providers Wellspring, Novable and Valuer.ai

About the speaker

Sailing in international environments, Laurent’s work is at the crossroads of innovation, entrepreneurship, venture capital and corporate finance. He considers himself as a Venture Builder; he likes turning bold ideas into businesses, by contributing with strategy, operational management or money. His track record is made of investments in technology-driven ventures. His endeavours led him through web development (2000), social media (2007), social software (2008), digital business (2010), digital publishing (2012), Data Science/AI (2013), Blockchain/crypto/DeFi (2017), HRTech (2018) and Audiovisual (2018). After 20+ years working in the fields of technology, innovation and startups, he's now leading an AI-based innovation & startup scouting technology venture: www.novable.com.

Chris Townsend is the Chief Marketing Officer at Wellspring, the leading provider of Innovation Ops software – supporting Tech Scouting and Innovation Management at companies ranging from startups to multinational corporations. Chris has worked for 15 years in the innovation management space, as both a thought leader at Forrester Research and as a senior executive at providers in both North America and Europe. He holds an undergraduate degree in biology from Harvard University, and in recent years he’s found a new life passion telling dad jokes.

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