Using Foresight to See Beyond the Prediction Horizon

Larry Schmitt and Steve Schwartz

Managing Partners at The Inovo Group

as recorded on 26 February 2021 as part of Innov8rs Connect on Foresight, Ecosystem Engagement and Startup Collaboration

Companies are developing new growth systems that focus beyond a prediction horizon – the time in the future beyond which analytic predictive approaches are not effective. Prior to this horizon, forecasting works. Beyond this horizon, they don’t and a different path is needed.

Foresight is one competency that lets a company ‘see’ beyond the prediction horizon. It helps a company be the disruptor rather than be disrupted.

This presentation covered the principles and practices of foresight and show, through examples and case studies, how they are used in a new enterprise growth system to power both profit and purpose.

About the speaker


Larry is a Founder and Managing Partner of The Inovo Group, a provider of strategic innovation consulting services. Since co-founding Inovo in 2001, Larry has led their growth to become a successful, recognized leader in the field of innovation.

Larry draws upon years of experience in both large corporations and startups that wrestled with how to innovate. He has worked closely with Inovo’s clients including Cargill, Dow Chemical, Honeywell, Corning, United Health Group, ExxonMobil and Saint-Gobain, among many others, all of whom draw upon the frameworks, methods, and tools he and others at Inovo have developed over the years to improve strategic innovation portfolios and capabilities.

Steve Schwartz is one of the founding partners of The Inovo Group, a strategic innovation consulting firm. Steve is an engineer by training but an entrepreneur by nature.

He has spent 30 years in various technology and commercialization roles and is passionate about how large organizations pursue transformational growth in a systematic way.

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