Venture Building - Hype or Finally the Key to Unlocking Growth

Christian Lindener

Head of Airbus Scale at Airbus Group

as recorded on 3 November 2021 as part of Innov8rs Connect on Venture Building & Scaling

At Airbus, they are conscious that the corporate DNA is heavily rooted in engineering rigour, where imperfection and uncertainty lead to catastrophe. Product failure is unacceptable and inexcusable in their industry. Their products, by their very nature, are complex, often require colossal investment, have a lifecycle spanning decades and operate in a heavily regulated industry. As an organization, they are risk-averse and their own complexity slows them down. Yet... we've always been successful in bringing new innovations to the market.

In this session, Christian shared the ins and outs of Airbus' new structure for innovation, Airbus Scale, aimed at building new businesses for the future, today.

About the speaker

Christian Lindener is Head of Airbus BizLab, an aerospace accelerator. Prior to joining Airbus, Christian worked as Managing Director for Wayra Germany, a technology innovation hub. In this role, he oversaw the strategic direction of the organisation, as well as, the selection of startups and young technology corporations for integration into the Telefonicà investment portfolio. As an independent tech consultant, he has created and advised more than 20 incubator and accelerator programs. As Director of TechFounders, a high-tech hardware accelerator based in Munich, he was responsible for the development of more than 50 high-tech startups. Christian has co-founded several companies, one of which--a virtual reality startup—was sold to in 2014. Most recently, he co-launched D3 Technologies AG, an open digital operations platform for the urban air mobility market. Christian was born in Brazil--and grew up in Mexico. He studied international business administration and economics at the Leopold-Franzens-University in Innsbruck, the University of New Orleans and the University of Barcelona.

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