Aliaxis Next - A Business Builder Of Solutions To The World's Water Challenges

Fredrik Östbye

Head at Aliaxis Next

as recorded on 14 April 2022 as part of Innov8rs Connect on Climate & SDG's

How can a corporate unleash its innovation power through a setup that tap into the entrepreneurs out there, already building attractive solutions? We will open the hood of Aliaxis Next, which is a new division within Aliaxis, to see how their setup looks like. You will get hands-on tips on how you can build your setup, but you may also want to join Aliaxis Next on its mission...

About the speaker

Fredrik Östbye is a serial entrepreneur who has build companies since he went to school. Two of them got acquired by big corporates and one was listed on the stock-market. He has a strong passion for using disruptive technologies to solve big challenges in the world, through business. He has spent the last 8years in big corporates with the hypothesis that if he can unleash the innovation power of a corporate, he can have larger impact on the world as entrepreneur than if he just starts another new company.

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