Setting Your Corporate Venture Up For Successful Scaling-IHB23

Sigrid Hellberg

Partner & Venture Lead at desifer

as recorded on 2 November 2021 as part of Innov8rs Connect on Venture Building & Scaling

Many companies that are exploring new ways to drive long term profitability and relevance through corporate venture building do quite well in the early phases of the process, creating ideas, validating them, developing a product/offering. But there is a clear pattern that many struggle when they come to the point where they have ventures that should accelerate their growth, and scale. There are a few common reasons for this, that have to do with mechanisms within the corporation, and how the innovation/venture building process is set up. In this session Sigrid went through common reasons for why corporate ventures fail to scale, and gave some key insights into how the corporation can work to create the right conditions for enabling their ventures to scale successfully.

About the speaker

With a core in business design, Sigrid has dedicated her career to creating new digital products and ventures, across industries and markets. As Venture Lead at the Stockholm based corporate venture builder Desifer she helps established companies utilise their assets to create new digital ventures, to ensure sustainable growth and long term relevance.

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