Scaling Corporate Startups: Getting The Collaboration With Core Right-IHB23

Frank Mattes & Sören Lauinger

Founder & CEO at Innovation-3 and Author of Lean Scaleup | Vice President Cooperations, Innovations, Partnerships at B. Braun Supply Solutions, Aesculap AG

as recorded on 3 November 2021 as part of Innov8rs Connect on Venture Building & Scaling

As we all know, corporates are not good at creating new businesses from innovation. Their success rate in building sizable, profitable businesses is not higher than the success rate of VC-backed greenfield startups – despite all their assets such as a customer base, brand and reputation, working supply chains and functional expertise. In other words, corporates fail to create an unfair advantage from leveraging these assets. As the Best Practice framework Lean Scaleup shows, there are several reasons why this is so. One of these reasons will be the focus topic of this talk: Corporates struggle in establishing a productive collaboration between Core and Innovation (the corporate startup / scaleup). The talk provided an analysis of the problem and provide solution ideas from two angles. Frank Mattes, expert in corporate business-building, advisor to corporate innovators and serial author on corporate business-building, shared his learnings in working together with 20+ companies and 2 business schools on this issue. Sören Lauinger, formerly head of B. Braun’s business model lab “werk 39” and now VP in a corporate role for “Innovation and Interfaces” shared examples and insights about how to align scaleups with corporate sales and other corporate functions.

About the speaker

Frank Mattes is an expert in corporate business-building, advisor to Corporate Innovation and Corporate Venturing, and author of two books on taking corporate innovation ideas to scale. In the last four years, Frank focused on the corporate business-building problem: why do large companies struggle dramatically in building new businesses from innovation - and how can they improve? Together with 20+ industry leaders from many sectors, Frank co-created the Lean Scaleup™ framework. This framework comprises Best Practices in how to validate/scale corporate innovation initiatives and create new sizable, profitable businesses The Lean Scaleup is the latest addition to the corporate entrepreneurship toolbox. It takes the Lean Startup into the corporate context, extends it to an end-to end journey from idea to scale and comprises the Best Practices from some of the world’s finest companies. To help corporate innovation practitioners improve in business-building, Frank founded the consulting agency Lean Scaleup and published the book with the same name in May 2021. The book was co-written with two dozens of corporate practitioners and two leading business schools, UC Berkeley and the London Business School. Please find more on the book and the Lean Scaleup framework at Before Lean Scaleup, Frank founded innovation-3, a consulting agency specialized in non-incremental innovation), was with the Boston Consulting Group and Member of the Board of a B2B scaleup. Frank holds two M.Sc. in Applied Mathematics from the University of Southern California, Los Angeles and Ulm University (Germany). Sören and his team overlook the creation of digital customer solutions within a newly created business unit which combines consulting, software and products to help hospitals to have a better running OR supply. He has a long background on building solutions “beyond the product”, in short: Innovation for Services, Solutions, Business Models and not least the consultative sales approach. Sören combined these activities under the roof of the innovation lab “werk_39”. Sören got his MBA degree in Medical Devices and Healthcare Management. Sören works out of Tuttlingen, Germany.

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