Business-building Excellence At Work: A Roundtable With Two Serial Business-builders-IHB23

Frank Mattes, Younes Souilmi & Christopher McLachlan

Founder & CEO at Innovation-3 and Author of Lean Scaleup | Head of portfolio Amadeus Nexwave at Amadeus | Head of Company Builder at EnBW

as recorded on 4 November 2021 as part of Innov8rs Connect on Venture Building & Scaling

Business-building, i.e. creating new businesses from innovation, is the new imperative for growth. Studies have shown that it creates, over the long term, more Total Shareholder Return than M&A or other types of organic growth. Consequently, 50 percent of European companies have it as a Top-3 priority. But most companies struggle dramatically. Only 1 of 8 corporate startups becomes a sizable, profitable business. Yet, there are companies who do better than the rest. For instance Amadeus, delivering a breakthrough industry solution that opens up doors for completely new businesses. Or EnBW, creating successful off-core product and service innovations on a regular basis. This roundtable panel discussion featured two people that have a decisive role in their company’s business-building: Younes Souilmi, head of portfolio at Amadeus Nexwave, and Christopher McLachlan, head of EnBW’s company builder. Frank Mattes, author of “Lean Scaleup”, led the panel discussion which will focus on decisive issues in the business-building context: - Arranging an effective organizational setup for the business incubator/company builder - Establishing an autonomy in the corporate context - Selecting and driving initiatives - Creating the unfair advantage by leveraging corporate assets and capabilities - Arranging alignment for Scaling-Up

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