Innovate In 10 Minutes: How To Go From “What If” To “Here’s How”

David Lederhendler

VP Innovation at Disruptive Edge

as recorded on 15 November, 2022 as part of Innov8rs Learning Labs - Foresight & Business Design

What if you could start the process of disruptive internal innovation with 10 minutes and a whiteboard? Doing things differently, meeting evolving customer needs and navigating complex internal agendas, innovators are juggling competing priorities while trying to inspire their team to build future-proof business models. In this session, we’ll teach you how we’ve designed and deployed core, adjacent and disruptive innovation for Walmart, Mattel, and other Fortune 500s, pushing the world’s largest organizations to go from “What If” To “Here’s How” in a scalable, rapid approach. You’ll leave with an understanding of how to start rapid design sprints, generate internal buy-in, interact with “internal watchers” and prepare for your next innovation domain ignition.

About the speaker

David is a seasoned innovation, technology, strategy, and product management executive. He’s spent 15+ years working with the world’s largest enterprises and in his current role he is focused on deploying strategy and technology innovation, across industries and verticals including transportation, finance, supply chain, retail, and construction worldwide. David brings experience in designing machine learning products using the latest approaches to build applied AI and deploy at scale. In his latest leadership roles, David developed deep expertise in operationalizing business models from 0 to 1. He is a graduate from École Polytechnique in Montréal and ESSEC in Paris.

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