Sustainability & Innovation - How Employees Become Climate Pioneers-IHB23

Sven Grave & Sandra Fernholz

Head of Innovation at Wilo I Head of Sustainability and Social Impact at HYPE Innovation

as recorded on 13 april 2022 as part of Innov8rs Connect on Climate & SDG's

In 2021, Wilo - the Dortmund-based technology specialist -won the German Sustainability Award and was named one of the world's "50 Sustainability & Climate Leaders" by the UN. But what sets Wilo apart from other companies? How does the company successfully combine innovation and sustainability? And how can such momentum be used to motivate all employees worldwide? Using the example of their “Sustainability Challenge 2021”, Sven Grave, Head of Innovation at Wilo, shows how the company actively involves each of its employees in this challenge, and thus trains over 7,000 climate protection pioneers worldwide. His presentation will address: - How to foster collaboration between colleagues who would otherwise never meet and work together - How to build and operate a comprehensive and sustainable innovation ecosystem - How to use environmental and social sustainability as drivers for your innovation program and business growth.

About the speaker

Sven Grave is the Head of Innovation at Wilo, the Dortmund-based pump specialist. His responsibilities include technology and innovation strategy, trend, technology and start-up scouting, and innovation culture. For almost 20 years, he has been dealing with the topic of innovation and how companies can realize innovations better, faster and in a more targeted manner. He also pursues his passion on the side by doing a doctorate on the topic of "Corporate Innovation" at the TU Dortmund University. What he particularly likes about his job is that a significant part of it is meeting fascinating, creative and inspiring people and actively shaping the future together with them. Sandra Fernholz is Head of Sustainability and Social Impact at HYPE Innovation. She collaborates with clients to innovate for the UN Sustainable Development Goals and therefore for people, planet, and prosperity. During the past five years, Sandra has worked with organizations worldwide such as UNICEF, Bayer, and EIT Food.

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