The Design Thinking Law Firm: Innovating in a Delivery- Driven, Risk-Averse Culture-IHB23

Jana Blount & Adam Billing

Change Maker at DLA Piper | Founder at Treehouse Innovation

as recorded on 24 May 2022 as part of Innov8rs London 2022

Corporate innovation initiatives and innovation functions often have the deck stacked against them. Not fit for purpose processes, unrealistic targets, the wrong “value”, lack of persistent strategy or metered funding, too many predetermined answers, set against vanity metrics… The intention vs capability gap is too big a chasm to realise. So, what do we do about it? How might we think differently? What if we said Corporate Innovation isn’t about ideas, or technologies, or agile process….but sociology and psychology. And setting up your leaders to be a success, before you set up your innovation SteerCo or governance board

About the speaker

Jana is a former US litigator who spent a lot of her time in practice thinking “there must be a better way.” She decided that instead of waiting for that way to develop she’d be part of the effort in creating the change. She now works with DLA Piper’s CEO, Simon Levine, developing the radical change strategy and initiatives for the firm. Jana leads the firm’s Change Council to define what DLA Piper means by radical and come up with the ideas on how to make that radical change happen through a shift in culture, design, technology and data. Adam is the Founder of Treehouse Innovation, a London-based innovation and design consultancy. He has spent most of his career working with businesses across sectors to design new products, services and strategies; and to develop their own internal innovation capability. Adam is also the CEO of Sprintbase™, a collaborative innovation software platform that enables remote teams to apply human-centred design to solve complex problems and tackle everyday challenges more creatively. Formerly with Ernst & Young Consulting, he has led numerous innovation projects and design events for all types of organisations including DLA Piper, Sky, Amazon, NBCUniversal, eBay, Sony PlayStation, AstraZeneca, Microsoft and others. He is a frequent lecturer on innovation and human-centred design at the University of Cambridge, and is the author of many published works on the subject of innovation culture.

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