The Story of InGenius - Nestlé's Global Employee-driven Innovation Accelerator

Nick de Blasio

Product Group Manager Employee Innovation at Nestlé

as recorded on 9 December 2020 as part of Innov8rs Connect on Business Design, Venture Building & Portfolio Management

InGenius is Nestlé’s Global Employee Innovation Accelerator that has engaged more than 65k employees, generating over 7k ideas and 100k likes and comments in the last 7 years through internal challenges; bringing to life new digitally powered solutions in B2B and B2C as well as new Food Products and Packaging.

About the speaker

Crowdsourcing ideas directly from our wide expert base of employees and then funneling the most promising through a structured and accelerated innovation program generates both Intrapreneurs and Innovation, a powerful combination for sustainable long term growth.

Nick co-founded InGenius with its humble beginnings in Supply Chain IT and it has since evolved to directly support, enable and deliver innovations across corporate functions such as R&D, HR, our business units and in the markets. In this session Nick went through its early beginnings, what worked well, what didn’t and where he is taking it next.

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