Applying Behavioral Design in Healthcare

Bryan Berger

Health Innovation Lead at Board of Innovation

as recorded on 28 October 2021 as part of Innov8rs Connect on Foresight & Business Design

The speed of change occurring in healthcare makes it ripe to apply behavioral design methodology. As the expectations of pharma and healthcare companies are getting pressure from all sides, it is essential to effectively uncover and then meet the structural and emotional needs of patients, users, and customers of your business.

In this session Bryan introduced behavioral design in a health context, discuss its usefulness in key therapeutic areas, and review a new framework to ensure deeper patient understanding and solution testing.

About the speaker

As the Health Innovation Lead at Board of Innovation, Bryan is responsible for the company's global, strategic growth in the health and life sciences industry. His experience spans both innovation strategy and business design programs alongside some of the largest players in the health ecosystem including Novartis, GE Healthcare, AstraZeneca, and Cigna.

Bryan is passionate about helping his clients prepare their business to achieve the quadruple aim in healthcare - enhance patient experience, improve population health, reduce healthcare costs, improve doctor work-life.

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