Building New Business From Innovation: Get the Culture Piece Right

Frank Mattes, Hilton Barbour, Tracey Cooke & David Brear

Co-Founder at The Lean Scaleup | VP of Marketing at Kognitiv | SVP, the Head of Marketing and Commercialization at Nestle Canada | CEO and Co-Founder of 11:FS

as recorded on 17 March 2022 as part of Innov8rs Connect on Culture, Talent & Teams

7 out of 8 attempts to build a new business from Innovation fail. That’s an inconvenient truth.

Serial business-builders are twice as likely to build new businesses than the ones who do not take it seriously. That’s a wake-up call.

Modern innovation frameworks like the Lean Scaleup make it clear: To improve, you need more than the latest and greatest canvas.

To improve, companies need an effective end-to-end process, an aligned Leadership and the right culture. The culture piece is decisive in the interface between Core/new business and in the new business itself as it needs to manage hypergrowth.

This is a panel discussion looking into “what exactly is the culture that we need” and “how to create it”, hosted by Frank Mattes (co-creator of the Lean Scaleup framework) and Hilton Barbour (thought leader with over 50 global interviews and ebooks on Digital Transformation and Culture), with Tracey Cook (SVP Nestle Canada, Transformation/Innovation) and David Brear (Founder of 11FS, voted British Banking Innovation of the Year).

About the speaker

Frank Mattes is an expert in corporate business-building, advisor to Corporate Innovation and Corporate Venturing, and author of two books on taking corporate innovation ideas to scale. In the last four years, Frank focused on the corporate business-building problem: why do large companies struggle dramatically in building new businesses from innovation - and how can they improve?

Together with 20+ industry leaders from many sectors, Frank co-created the Lean Scaleup™ framework. This framework comprises Best Practices in how to validate/scale corporate innovation initiatives and create new sizable, profitable businesses The Lean Scaleup is the latest addition to the corporate entrepreneurship toolbox. It takes the Lean Startup into the corporate context, extends it to an end-to end journey from idea to scale and comprises the Best Practices from some of the world’s finest companies. To help corporate innovation practitioners improve in business-building, Frank founded the consulting agency Lean Scaleup and published the book with the same name in May 2021. The book was co-written with two dozens of corporate practitioners and two leading business schools, UC Berkeley and the London Business School. Please find more on the book and the Lean Scaleup framework at

Hilton Barbour is an international marketing veteran, based in Toronto Canada, with a deep affinity for culture. In his opinion, culture is an organization’s one sustainable competitive advantage. A prolific writer and thought leader, Hilton is a frequent webinar and podcast guest, and has authored over 50 interviews with leading global organizations on Culture & Digital Transformation. Find those interviews and his popular blog at

Tracey is a strategic and creative leader with a passion for problem solving, building brands and driving sustainable growth. She has a track record of nurturing strong teams, orchestrating organizational change, and developing emerging in-house practices to deliver consumer centricity at the core. Tracey Cooke is currently SVP, the Head of Marketing and Commercialization at Nestle Canada, and Leader of the Centre for Marketing Excellence, a multidisciplinary team focused on driving consumer first thinking, accelerating change and capability building in marketing, including Consumer Insights & Strategy, eBusiness, Consumer Engagement and Experience (including our in house Consumer Engagement Service team, internal Community Management, Content, Media), Category Analytics, Packaging, and Agency/Tech Partnerships. She is a member of the Nestlé Canada Business Executive Team. She first joined Nestle as a Communication Director and was responsible for helping transform Nestle from its digital nascency (in marketing) to a leading centre in the global network.

David is CEO and Co-Founder of 11:FS. Continually named amongst the Top 100 Most Influential FinTech Leaders - he’s one of the most recognised and influential people in financial services. At Lloyds Banking Group and Aviva, David delivered large-scale digital transformations, then led Gartner’s Global Digital Banking practice before founding 11:FS to turn up the dial on the industry.

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