Collaborating With Startups - How We Bridge The Scale Gap

Tammy Butterworth

Chief Foresighter & Global Breakthrough Innovation Lead at Pepsico

as recorded on 23 February 2021 as part of Innov8rs Connect on Foresight, Ecosystem Engagement and Startup Collaboration

In PepsiCo we are driven to create more smiles with every sip and every bite- to help us achieve this vision, we’ve defined a new set of aspirations: to become Faster, Stronger and Better.

In this space, we are partnering with startups, to bring their agility and entrepreneurial mindset into our business- whilst at the same time we support their advancement through training and mentorship in the spaces where we can add value. In this session more will be shared about how we go about this within such a large organization, what has worked well, and what learnings have been gained. We have found a way to bring benefit to PepsiCo and the startups- and bridge the scale gap.

About the speaker

Tammy is a leading front end innovation ninja, with a huge sprinkling of futurist added for good measure. She spent over a decade delivering innovation expertise in the UK for large multinationals like Mars and PepsiCo as well as smaller localised companies like Britvic and Twinings. She has balanced a career across R&D and product development, alongside time in marketing and strategy.

More recently you will find her in the USA- Chicagoland more specifically- leading Early Stage Innovation and Foresighting for PepsiCo beverages. Driven by the knowledge that our food system needs to change to be fit for the future we are hurtling towards – she wants to create a positive legacy for the future- something that really delights consumers and makes the world a better place.

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