Delivering Sustainable Growth - Eliminating Silos Across Strategy, Sustainability & Innovation Functions

Sandra Steving

Partner at Founders Intelligence

as recorded on 13-15 April 2021 as part of Innov8rs Connect on SDG's, Climate & Impact Innovation

When it comes to leading the next generation of Sustainable Growth, one thing is clear: The old rules no longer apply. It will take an unprecedented double act: Reconciling the imperative towards economic growth and new value creation, with a need to create that growth sustainably and in alignment with wider climate commitments. Only a bold retooling of the way power is distributed in companies across Strategy, Sustainability and Innovation functions will unlock a new way forward. This will require a cohesive vision that eliminates silos, misalignment and competing priorities in order to embed the tools, technologies, and talent to deliver economic growth, new value creation AND sustainability simultaneously.

We explored a blueprint for this new kind of operating model, lay out actionable organizing principles and share case studies from how pioneering companies have approached the challenge (and opportunity) for radical change.

About the speaker

Sandra is a Partner at Founders Intelligence, the entrepreneur powered strategy consultancy at Founders Forum, the leading private network of technology entrepreneurs and investors. With a focus on sustainable growth as well as consumer, luxury and retail, she advises a wide range of global clients on growth and innovation strategy, new ventures and start-up investment/partnerships, while building deep relationships with leading entrepreneurs and investors. Clients include Unilever, Puig, American Express, Shell, Citi, and Marriott.

She has a multidisciplinary background spanning design strategy, new venture creation and architecture, and is an active speaker on innovation and an adviser to early stage businesses. She was previously a Director at NY based innovation consultancy Fahrenheit 212, where she led global projects and eventually co-launched and scaled its European HQ.

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