Hyperscaling Innovation at Amazon

Jacqueline Krain

Global Head of Business Innovation at Amazon

as recorded on 7 June 2022 as part of Innov8rs Unconference

Non-linear growth takes the right approach to experimentation, investment, deep understanding of customers, and - most important - a culture that continually reinforces what works, and discards what doesn't. Success isn't alchemy; it's a combination of science and art driven by humans for humans. You'll leave this session understanding how Amazon builds successful businesses and enables others to do the same - the tools, the mindset, and what is *really* different about our hallmark mechanism, Working Backwards.

About the speaker

With a proven record of establishing and maintaining genuine and lasting relationships with partners, customers, colleagues, staff, and community, Jacqueline Krain delights in live group engagement, person-to-person interaction, and effective collaboration. She is energized by authentic people, plain talk, data-based decision-making, and *real* results. A lifelong learner and insight seeker, she has a passion and commitment for solving problems – practical and theoretical. As the Global Head of Business Innovation for AWS, Jacqueline leads a passionate team of global market and operational experts that work closely with AWS partners to accelerate innovation through launching new products, experiences, businesses, and capabilities. Jacqueline worked with and for Rita McGrath, Brant Cooper, and Eric Ries, as a part of forging her own approach to innovation and transformation.

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