Innovation & Strategy: Defining, Designing and Aligning

Deborah Hayek

Senior Product Owner at Manulife LoFT

as recorded on 21 September 2021 as part of Innov8rs Connect on Strategy, Leadership & Organization 2021

Does strategy build on innovation, or does innovation build on strategy?

This workshop will explore the relationship between business strategy and corporate innovation and present a new typology for Corporate Innovation teams. Based on extensive primary and secondary research, the 3 types of innovation teams and their distinct relationship to strategy will be described.

Whether you are in strategy, part of the leadership team or in the innovation lab itself, you will come away with insights on how innovation and strategy connect, and how to foster innovation within your company at every level.

About the speaker

Deborah is an accomplished intrapreneur and entrepreneur, with experience leading corporate innovation teams and projects, as well as founding and coaching startups. She excels at exploring new concepts, inspiring ideation, planning the impossible, solving puzzles and achieving fantastical results. Her passion for emerging technology, sustainability and cultures transcends her work.

Her professional background includes managing teams, innovative projects, and overseeing company operations. She is currently a Senior Product Owner at Manulife's Global Innovation Lab (LoFT), where she leads innovation projects across multiple business units, supported by a team of HCD experts and engineers. Previously, she established Foundry within Desjardins' Open Innovation department, headed the future-focused Research and Development team and managed operations at Desjardins' Innovation Lab.

With an academic background in corporate innovation, community economic development and anthropology, she is at home with fellow academics, creators, innovators, and everything in between.

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