Overcoming Barriers to Innovation

Annalisa Gigante

Board member at Henry Royce Institute & Cambridge Enterprise

as recorded on 10 May 2022 as part of Innov8rs Connect Unconference

Innovation is never a linear process: sometimes we encounter hurdles in technology, in market readiness or in the organization. We can help achieve positive outcomes by addressing enablers: strategy, culture, organization, processes and IP, and ensuring they are fit for purpose. We also need to spot the key barriers: is there a failure in seeing the threats and opportunities, in prioritising the focus and resources needed, in risk management, in planning and ideas, or in moving the organization? Each can be addressed with tailored interventions to help us decrease friction and increase both speed and chances for success, as Annalisa will share in this session.

About the speaker

Annalisa Gigante is an award winning innovator, board member and executive focused on building new businesses life sciences, technology, and advanced materials. She serves on the boards of The Henry Royce Institute and Cambridge Enterprise. Annalisa started her career in Bain and has built high performance innovation systems at DSM, Holcim and most recently served as Chief Innovation and a Technology Officer at Bekaert. She is a former Executive Committee member of Adecco, and a mentor to women executives and start-up CEOs in carbon zero. She studied Natural Sciences at Cambridge University and has an MBA from Bocconi.

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