Why You Should Dare to Invest in Competitors to Your Most Promising Products

Anne Cathrine Fleischer

CEO of LEO Innovation Lab & LEO Ventures

as recorded on 4 November 2021 as part of Innov8rs Connect on Venture Building & Scaling

Running innovation labs - and thereby disrupting current ecosystems - is a known method to ensure products and offerings that will secure companies stay relevant in the longer term. But companies need to have more eggs in the basket. Investing in competitors on a technological level, can help save both time and money, furthermore guarantee you build and design the most optimal product.

Running a Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) in parallel with building products in-house as a Venture Builder, has given the LEO Innovation Lab and LEO Ventures team many more learnings than expected, and ensured that they lower the risk along the way. In this session, Anne Cathrine shared how.

About the speaker

Anne is CEO of LEO Innovation Lab & LEO Ventures. She was recently appointed as Vice Chairman of the new National Partnership for Health Data in Denmark established by the Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs and the Ministry of Health.

She has hands-on expertise in setting up and driving successful corporate incubation labs, design processes and organisations that can bring an idea to market within 100 days. She is an entrepreneur and executive leader with solid experience from life science (health tech, pharmaceutical and medical devices), management consulting and engineering industries.
A big focus throughout her career has been on establishing agile fail-forward development culture and talent development.

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