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Time to connect.

During this eight and final event in the Innov8rs Connect 2021/2022 series, we’ll focus on innovation for solving the big challenges of our times.

Climate change projections are getting more alarming more urgent. Consumers and employees demand brands to take action, and governments are implementing aggressive environmental and climate regulations.

It’s clear we can’t continue with business as usual: we need new solutions at scale- fast.

Here’s a summary of the many themes and questions we’ll be addressing in the live sessions, and through the selected content items.

How to integrate sustainability as a key driver within our innovation efforts?

How to get internal stakeholders on board for sustainability innovation?

How to collaborate with startups and engage in external ecosystems to drive sustainability innovation?

Beyond greenwashing, how do we know we are indeed making the impact we aim at having?

If you are working on and interested in themes and questions like this, join 350+ other cross-industry innovation leaders and professionals for 25+ in-depth conversations and interactive sessions.


Bring your team. Boost your impact.

You can focus on one key topic and get to the bottom of it. Or, you can divide and conquer to catch the best and latest on all key themes and trends.

With our team packages you get a great deal on tickets- but even greater outcomes.

With so many issues to tackle and so much change happening so fast, you will benefit from your team joining too.

For this event, you can purchase a pass to join with a small team of 1-3 participants, or a larger group of 4-10 participants.


Not your typical event: you'll learn and do stuff.

Forget pointless powerpoints. You’ll roll up your sleeves, and work with peers and experts in interactive small group sessions. And no theoretic blabla: you'll focus on whatever is most important to you.

Whatever your challenges are, and regardless of industry and innovation maturity, you'll leave with new, practical insights and an upgraded toolbox, to implement right away.

Live Sessions

In the main week of the event, you can choose to join a diverse range of 20+ interactive small group sessions and peer circles as they happen. You can also host your own sessions to ask for feedback or share your approach.


For four weeks per event, starting one week prior to the main week and ending two weeks after, you'll have access to a selection of topical past session recordings and other resources plus of course once the event is over, session recordings from the event itself.


You can easily tap into the expertise and experiences of peers and experts, available to share their knowledge and provide guidance. Ask a question, share your experience and discuss topics- all available 24/7, so you can engage whenever you want.

You’re busy, of course. You let us know what your questions and challenges are, and based on that you'll get a personalized schedule highlighting sessions and content most relevant for you (so you can invest your time wisely).


Live Sessions

In the event's main week you can join 20+ interactive small group sessions. Talks, workshops and roundtables- all covering what you need to know and do now to further improve your innovation outcomes.

Check the first speakers currently confirmed below... More soon!

You'll get further details and instructions to RSVP after registration.

12 April, 21:00 SGT/15:00 CEST/9am EDT

Community Club

Kate McIver & Hans Balmaekers | Innov8rs Team
12 April, 22:00 SGT/16:00 CEST/10am EDT/7am PDT

Beyond Business As Usual

Elisabet Lagerstedt | Author of Better Business Better Future and Founder and Director at Future Navigators
12 April, 17:00 CEST/11am EDT/8am PDT

Zero Is Not Enough: Assessing, Transforming And Implementation Sustainable Change

Magnus Penker | CEO and Founder at Innovation360
12 April, 19:00 CEST/1pm EDT/10am PDT

Measuring Impact

Neil Malhotra | Author of Frontiers in Social Innovation and Edith M. Cornell Professor of Political Economy at Stanford Graduate School of Business
13 April, 17:00 SGT/11:00 CEST

Sustainability & Innovation - How Employees Become Climate Pioneers

Sven Grave & Sandra Fernholz | Head of Innovation at Wilo / Head of Sustainability and Social Impact at HYPE Innovation
13 April, 18:00 SGT/12:00 CEST

How To Green Your Digital Footprint

Sebastian Mueller | Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder at MING Labs
13 April, 19:00 SGT/13:00 CEST/7am EDT

How To Become A Positive Impact Organization

Katrin Muff | Director at The Institute for Business Sustainability
13 April, 20:00 SGT/14:00 CEST/8am EDT

Is Sustainability A Gift To The Innovation Department?

Jesper Müller-Krogstrup | Founder and CEO at Nosco
13 April, 21:00 SGT/15:00 CEST/9am EDT

Reaching The SDG's Via New Ways Of Startup Investing

Joey Moreau & Kauan Von Novack | Head of Investor Relations at Startupbootcamp I Managing Director at Startupbootcamp
13 April, 22:00 SGT/16:00 CEST/10am EDT/7am PDT

Leading ESG Innovation

Brett Macfarlane | Founder at Innovation Leadership Map
13 April, 17:00 CEST/11am EDT/8am PDT

Galvanize Your Organization Around Sustainability

Tsvetina Chankova | Innovation Director at Pollen8
13 April, 18:00 CEST/12pm EDT/9am PDT

Mobilizing Innovation: Embedding a Systems Approach to Redefine Corporate Innovation

Sade Bamimore | Author of Reimagining Systems for a Sustainable Future
14 April, 18:00 SGT/12:00 CEST

Panel: Setting The Strategy And Structure For Sustainability Innovation

Patricia Kroondijk & Shruti George | Director of Strategy and Business Development at Hitachi I Senior Director, Strategic Innovation Platforms at Avery Dennison
14 April, 19:00 SGT/13:00 CEST/7am EDT

Panel: Leveraging Corporate Assets for Sustainable Transitions

Parsia Tayebi, Antoine Poincaré & Michelle Woo | Managing Director at The Garage / Head of Climate School at AXA Climate / VP Venture Build & Innovation, ENGIE Factory Asia-Pacific
14 April, 21:00 SGT/15:00 CEST/9am EDT

The Convergence Of Private Cellular With Smart City

Lilac Ilan & Adam Rashid | Assistance Vice President – Innovation and Partner Ecosystem at AT&T I Senior Vice President - Head of Smart Cities & Digital Infrastructure at JBG SMITH
14 April, 22:00 SGT/16:00 CEST/10am EDT/7am PDT

Aliaxis Next - A Business Builder Of Solutions To The World's Water Challenges

Fredrik Östbye | Head at Aliaxis Next
14 April, 17:00 CEST/11am EDT/8am PDT

Partnering With Innovators To Transform Corporate Value Chains

Carolina Garcia Arbeláez | Global Sustainability and Innovation Director at Anheuser-Busch InBev
14 April, 18:00 CEST/12pm EDT/9am PDT

Community Club

Kate McIver | Innov8rs Team


As you may guess, we've talked about these topics before at our events and amongst our members. With your event pass comes access to a selection of past session recordings and our resources from our content library, so that you can go even broader and deeper, beyond what's being discussed in the live sessions.

Here's a glimpse of the content that comes with your event pass.

Scaling at Speed: A New Approach to Business Building
Cathal Hughes
Intrapreneurship - Innovative and Sustainable Business Ideas Invented by Employees
Marius Schlegel & Ralph Hartmeier
Innovation Ecosystems Enable to Tackle the Grand Challenges
Johanna Fräki
Building the Teams for Solving Hard Problems
Valla Vakili
Why Collaborating With Startups and Scaleups Can be a Strong Bet for Corporate’s to Drive Change and Realize their Sustainability Goals
Patrick de Zeeuw & Kauan Von Novack
Innovability®: innovations That Better The World
Fabio Tentori
What Are the Secrets of Sustainability Front-Runners?
David Young
A Decade of Transformation: How the Climate Crisis Redefines Sustainability in Business
Raz Godelnik
Business Models That Work in the Circular Economy
Kevin Shahbazi
Delivering Sustainable Growth - Eliminating Silos Across Strategy, Sustainability & Innovation Functions
Sandra Steving
Making the Sustainability Shift at Sandvik: 100,000 Ideas or Innovations by 2030
Simon Hill & Mats W Lundberg
Sustainovation - Insights from Sensing, Seizing and Transforming Opportunities
Tino Klaehne
The Business Case for Purpose
Daniel Nowack
Using Social Innovation to Drive Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Joan Bohan
Building Smarter and Greener With Open Innovation
Philipp Leutiger
Using Sustainability to Boost Innovation: Why and How Exactly to Do It
Sandra Fernholz & Maryam Telmesani
How Dyslexia Can Drive Innovation
Joan Bohan | Aspen First Movers Fellow, Social Intrapreneur & Innovator, Dyslexia Advocate and former Finance Executive at Disney
Building Sustainability Ventures
Sebastian Müller | COO & Co-Founder at MING Labs
Impact-Driven Design: Expanding the Design Toolbox to Address Tomorrow's Challenges
Nina Valkanova
Disrupting Hunger Through Technology and Innovations
Bernhard Kowatsch

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"I am blown away with learnings, reflections and new insights. Such an amazing crowd with a true sharing mentality. I have gathered so many cases for best practice on how to run innovation, how to measure it, how to fuel intrapreneurship etc. Further, most people I have met are really down to earth, pragmatic and no-bulshit kind of people that are creating real impact in the companies they work for."

"I'm amazed by the format, how open, honest and authentic it was. What a great event! You rarely ever get that with these types of events - well done!"

"This was a refreshing reminder that we're not alone. Sometimes working at the front-end of innovation can be a lonely place, especially in a large 100-year-old company. Connecting with so many other innovation professionals acted as a shot of adrenaline reigniting my drive to transform our organization."


Time to connect.

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