How to Test and Validate B2B Ideas or Ideas With Niche Audience

Narjeet Soni

CEO and Innovation Strategy at Lean Apps

as recorded on 28 October 2021 as part of Innov8rs Connect on Foresight & Business Design

We have heard below reasons why B2B ideas are hard to test:
1. Our target market is really niche and small
2. Our target market is NOT easily reachable online
3. Our sales or account management team does NOT provide access to our customers
4. Our users are different from buyers (it's a multi-decision making environment)
5. Our customers are conservative - they believe in face-to-face relationship
6. We don't directly sell to end customers - we are a B2B2C business
7. We can't just say we have a product - without actually having a product. This will hurt our BRAND. Our management won't allow it

In this session, Narjeet tackled all these issues- and more!

About the speaker

An Innovation Strategist at Lean Apps, Narjeet seems to be in love with experimentation and pre-totyping. He has tested new business ideas in Pharma, Healthcare, Insurance, Automotive, Retail, Telecom, Music, Manufacturing and more. He has tested ideas both for physical and digital products across B2B, B2B2C and B2C.

His mantra: SELL it before you BUILD it.

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