Measure Unmet Needs Along The Customer Journey With Jobs-To-Be-Done

Beat Walther and Yann Wermuth

Owner & Managing Director at Vendbride AG | Partner at Vendbridge AG

as recorded on 28 October 2021 as part of Innov8rs Connect on Foresight & Business Design

Discussions in management are changing. From traditional topics focusing on solutions to what customers really want. A trending tool is the customer journey.
However, customer journeys are often detailed on what customers do, but not why they do it. Furthermore, with hundreds of touchpoints they are granular on solutions customer use, but not on needs.

The Jobs-to-be-done logic can unlock the innovative potential of customer journeys. Vendbridge experts Beat and Yann showed how customer journeys can be reinvented through Jobs-to-be-done. The Job Journey Navigator measures solution-agnostic unmet needs along the journey and allwos to focus product development, experience design and even innovation innovation strategies on need opportunities.

About the speaker

Beat Walther has inspired hundreds of companies to capture growth opportunities through customer focus. As a pioneer in Jobs-to-be-done he created with a diverse team Customer Focused Innovation (CFI), an approach to find actionable customer insights and spin ideas to growth. Beat is co-founder and partner of Vendbridge, an expert consultancy for growth and innovation.

Yann Wermut is a partner at Vendbridge. For more than 6 years he has continuously improved the CFI methodology, advancing Jobs-to-be-done thinking and integrating new concepts like Design Thinking, behavioral science and analytics. His MA in philosophy allows for a deep understanding of customers realities while maintaining a critical distance at what really matters.

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