Playing the Long-Game: My Journey Creating The Hatch Innovation Lab

Katie Webb

Director of Hatch Innovation Lab

as recorded on 30 September 2021 as part of Innov8rs Connect on Governance, Portfolio Mgt & Program Mgt

In this session we heard about how Katie Webb, Director of Hatch Innovation Lab, has built  the digital accelerator and now the innovation incubator. We zoomed in on the overall approach, the governance structure, and asked her anything regarding the experience, the challenges and her learnings.

About the speaker

Katie Webb is a results-driven strategic innovator who has crafted a successful career in problem finding, creating charter and purpose and being a disruptor. Her diverse career background spans sales, marketing, business strategy, customer experience, and technology. She doesn’t think in boxes or silos when it comes to challenges but in systems and relationships. She is passionate about bringing people together who believe there is a better way and giving them the freedom, support, and leadership to drive meaningful change.

Katie has been with Aflac for eight years, where she currently serves as the Director of US Innovation. In 2019 she spearheaded the creation and operationalization of the Aflac Innovation Lab, Hatch, which has shown continued growth and investment over the last three years. Hatch is a team focused on supporting the future by exploring and testing practical solutions to complex business problems – linking innovation to measurable outcomes the business cares about- and operationalizing innovative solutions that "move the needle" to keep Aflac ahead of the curve.

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